We visited Victoria today, Gozo’s capital city and a real jewel.  We mostly visited the Citadel which totally blew me away, its many medieval arches, its beautiful, clean and golden coloured limestone walls, both old and new, its panoramic view from the ramparts, everything about it enthralled me.   I just want to share photos of today’s walk.  I visited the Nature Museum which gave me quite a bit of information about the local rocks.  We also visited the cathedral.  Some information mentions that the Citadel has been Gozo’s focal point since at least 1500BC.  Wow!  I will go back there to see more, it is a fascinating place.  There is an archaeological museum there as well.  Victoria is less than 10 minutes bus ride away from where we are staying at the coast.  Gozo is a very special place.




9 thoughts on “I LOST MY HEART IN GOZO

    1. Good question Jan. I know that limestone is a sedimentary rock, It is ordinarily white but may be coloured by impurities, iron oxide making it brown, yellow, or red and carbon making it blue, black, or grey. That is what I read Jan. Today I saw grey limestone around here but up to now I have only seen white or honey coloured. Someone in Malta also said that sometimes iron oxide can be found to be colouring the limestone.

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