18 thoughts on “PEACE AND JOY TO THE WORLD

  1. wonderful photos, with a lot of Christmas atmosphere, Agnes. Do you have snow? We don’t have any, it’s about 10 degrees and windy outside. Hope you spend some wonderful days with your family, kind regards Mitza

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    1. It’s been very stormy and oh so very wet here all night and day Mitza, and more storms forecasted, this has been going on for many weeks now. We had a lovely and quiet day, hope you had a nice day too.

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      1. We have exactly the same weather, stormy and rainy, but I’m happy it’s not snowing or freezing because then I can’t ride my bike. All these X’mas days are filled with a lot of work and cooking, I’m happy when it’s over. Yesterday the sun was shining and we made an excursion to our harbour. It was fantastic. Made some photos which I have to process. Have fun, kind regards Mitza

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      2. Oh I look forward to see your pics. Here we had a very simple Christmas, but tomorrow my five grandchildren are coming with their mum and dad and i’m cooking 🙂 have prepared most today, red cabbage and apple, meatballs and potato mash – look forward to having them.

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  2. What a truly amazing batch of pictures. Each and every one is wonderful, and you have caught the essence of the Holiday Spirit exactly. Thank-you very much for sharing these and you and yours have a truly great Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.

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