I dream of a world where old and homeless people are cherished and cared for by all those around them, and where those elderly people give of their wisdom to the younger generation, nourishing them too.
I am sure that humankind is capable of this without exception.

Then we won’t have to see these sad and homeless elderly walking the city’s streets, begging.

This, the woman with the sad face, she was not getting a good response to her begging – I wondered what her story was? How she ended up homeless, she could barely walk or stand on her legs. A taxi driver told me those begging in the street are the homeless. Suffering a sad and lonely existence.

I wish her warmth and sustenance over the cold winter nights, and all like her.

22 thoughts on “THE HOMELESS WOMAN

  1. I dream of a world where no-one escaped the net and is cared for and protected by us all. Very few of out elderly seem to lie outside the net here as most of the services are geared towards them, especially social services. I wonder if this lady was a middle European just used to increase a gangs income. In their world it’s quite acceptable if a lot of the gang are family.That being the easiest of the jobs.
    We live in a very strange world now where in the West family units are not as close as they once where yet those from the East may be strong yet they can still use their elderly so. I really want to get back to a stage where we look on the world as extended family and try to help them and well aslooking after our own.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. Yes you are right David, looking back I sincerely wish I had done more for her than drop some coins in her cup, but most of all it would be wonderful to see a world where we all care more for each other, Kind regards, Agnes

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      1. I’m in Sydney, Australia and I visited Kings Cross’s Wayside Chapel this week. They care for the homeless there. They have a cafe that serves coffee at $0.50 and a toasted sandwich for $2.00. It’s not run as a soup kitchen but aim to give dignity to the poor. Then there are showers that the homeless can come to wash; they provide toiletries and even changes of underwear. They also organised social services to come together to organise housing for the homeless. They have a roof top garden growing food. They run twilight programmes that caters to those who, at 5 p.m. realises that they will have to sleep rough for the night. They have an op shop that creates some income but little assistance from the government so a lot of hearts have to open to keep the place running. That’s why I support them by making donations and knitting scarves.

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  2. I think we should all help them out when we can. Most of all our government should help them we have so many homeless people in this country, that can no get help but, we give millions away to other countries. We need to take care of those here in need first. Great pictures and post.

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  3. Seeing homeless people makes me hate politics. Sleeping outside while camping is nice but not when you HAVE to, every country should think more about what they can do to give EVERY citizen a home. A home and food should not be something one would have to beg for 😦

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