Well, believe it or not but today the hedge got cut, and it wasn’t me that did it 🙂 I tried, and did not manage it, so I got someone else to do it, he was a nice and precise guy and he worked real hard. My little helper was here too, and he had so much fun watching and even trying to help a bit with clearing up.

I just had to do something about the height and thickness of that hedge, as discussed in an earlier blog post. Half of the height was cut down, this means that we can see some of the neighbour houses, and some of the town below, but it does not matter, around here all the people are real nice, and down the little town there is no industry at all. All we can see are things such as warehouses and building suppliers, or hardware stores and some other residential areas. Further along we see a wooded hill (the Atlantic Ocean is beyond that), and flowing pastoral scenes sometimes with sheep in the fields, how much better can it get if you live urban. Now that the hedges are lower the sun today was illuminating and warming the soggy, wooden, raised beds, all is wet and sad enough looking, all the raised beds badly need attention. I am hoping that the garden will become dryer now that the wind can reach everything better, yes it is more exposed now so I will have to take that into account during the winter months.

A brilliant day had by all, and much work done, now I feel more motivated to work on my raised beds again.
DSCF0998 - Copy

DSCF0996 - Copy     DSCF0974 - Copy

DSCF1005 - Copy    DSCF1011

A hole in the hedge waiting for tender loving care (new plants in other words)  And my elderberry sapling.

DSCF0977 - Copy     DSCF0994 - Copy

My little helper having fun, and afterwards inside we were preparing garlic for planting.

20 thoughts on “THE HEDGE GOT CUT TODAY

  1. Your little guy is having the best time and great education. 🙂 I’m so glad you had help with that hedge and a wonderful district view was revealed. A view like that must make you feel like a small part of a great thing – that is how I feel when I look at the stars.

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    1. Yes Mary so right, we count up to five now, and all the garlic bulbs had to be counted 🙂 he loved it. Great to feel connect to the rest of our neighbours too. It is exactly how I feel too when looking at the stars and the night sky. Thank you.

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    1. He is unbelievable, and it is a huge learning curve for him too, we would like him to become as independent as possible when he grows up, no I rephrase that we want him to become as happy as possible, but to be honest he already spreads his happiness all around him and he’s only five. 🙂

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    1. It was so very essential sis, I needed more sun again in the garden, and drying winds as it gets very wet. I tried to do it myself and it was too difficult so I am really happy now that it is done 🙂


  2. The hedges trimmed and tidy look great. Aesthetics matter as much as productivity in a veg garden. My raised beds are desperate for attention also. I love seeing children in the garden, the younger the better to get them interested. He looks to be a great helper.

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    1. Ruben is very interested all right, he has got DS, but is very intelligent and takes a good interest, he has sown seeds and even helped me plant beans etc… love him to bits 🙂


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