A few days ago saw us driving over the Healy Pass towards Lauragh in the Beara Peninsula, a most beautiful journey.  Leon Urus’ term, “a terrible beauty” certainly applies to this region. More and more rugged the higher you go, interesting rock formations, some quartz and crystals shining bright among the otherwise grey rocks. Insect eating plants, mosses, ferns, and very much lovely scented camomile flowers. Amazing views of bare rocky heights and lush green valleys.  Right at the highest point Glanmore lake can be seen and further down along the road plenty of Fuchsia, heathers, golden rod, and other wild flowers are still in bloom, and make for a lush tapestry of colour.


DSCF0166    DSCF0165

DSCF0152     DSCF0160

DSCF0142   DSCF0145

DSCF0140   DSCF0169

21 thoughts on “BEARA A RUGGED BEAUTY

      1. I am curious about the yellow flower in the last photo. It resembles a goldenrod (Solidago) but I don’t know if they occur where you live..

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      2. Yes it is a goldenrod (Solidago) a herb that I quite love. I had to make sure as the little flowers look very much like the flowers of the ragwort plant. But yes they grow here, and you see quite a lot of them.

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    1. You are very welcome here Aggie if you wish to visit. Beara peninsula is special, we live in West Cork about one hour away from Beara and also very beautiful but the mountains are only in the distance from here.

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    1. The great butterwort (Pinguicula grandiflora) grows widely in county Cork here in Ireland. This plant is listed in the Flora Hibernica which lists the wild flowers, plants and trees of Ireland. So I must conclude that it is native. You see this little plant growing in the mountains, and on bog land. The flowers are purple.


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