Trees are among the more beautiful, majestic and interesting wonders of nature. I have always had a good relationship with trees. My first memory ever was of walking or being pushed in a pram along a wall, and what I could see were trees, it was winter so the branches were stark, and I heard the bark of a dog. It is a good memory. While going to kindergarten I remember running across a yard lined with trees, it was a little scary at that time. After that our family moved into a street that was lined with wild chestnut and poplar trees, this was wonderful, we kids would use the leaves in our daily play, not only leaves were used but any pine cones or conkers we would find too, these were lovely natural items to use for play, I’m happy we had those. Another scare happened when a huge branch of a poplar tree fell through the roof of our bungalow during one winter’s storm, I was shaking with fright. Quite a few years later my sister and I went to school in Antwerp city, again a strong connection with trees was made in the inner yard of the convent school, beautiful trees. And it is in autumn that trees seem to come into their own, the scents of the leaves, the colours, the wind blowing through the branches and the leaves falling and falling. After coming to Ireland eventually, I got to know the awesome ancient oak trees in Glengarriff forest. I would not walk in that forest on my own then as I felt such a strong presence of the trees, too powerful.

During my life so far, trees have enthralled me, scared me, fascinated me, given me much joy, and I have loved them always.


DSCF9264               20141028_134206

13 thoughts on “TREES SO MAJESTIC

  1. Great post!! I still remember the glorious tree picture you posted last year. Funny how some forests give that creepy feeling too. There’s one here that I won’t even drive by, lol. Enjoyed this so much, Agnes!

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  2. I map quested Glengariff forest and was treated to a 4 minute arial tour of the sights around that area. Very beautiful and what looked like ancient ruins of castles.
    Yes, dark woods can be a little creepy when you’re walking through them and are treated to different sounds. Your imagination can go wild.

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    1. That’s just great, we are so lucky to have all this on Internet isn’t it. Yes Glengarriff forest is a wonderful place. Ireland has not got so many trees, but it has some wonderful ancient forests. There is another ancient oak forest in Killarney, Co Kerry. Not too far from here also.

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  3. wonderful story and beautiful photos, Agnes. I love trees, too. I wish they could speak. They could tell a lot of stories. I sometimes hug a tree, feels good. Kind regards Mitza

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      1. In German we say that trees are whispering, this rustling sound of dry leaves in Greece has something special. You are completely right, Agnes, not to fight wars and destroy rain forests. It’s only for commercial reasons that they destroy everything. They never think about the world to be beautiful also for their grandchildren. Have a nice day, too. I’m leaving for Greece tomorrow morning. Regards Mitza

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      2. Hi Agnes, I came home yesterday evening from the warm Mediterranean and had a fantastic month in Greece. Wonderful weather, hospitable, warmharted people, beautiful landscape… I’m still full with impressions and would have liked to stay forever… Hope you are fine, Agnes, kind regards Mitza

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      3. That is so wonderful Mitza, I am very happy for you. I am well, apart from a sore throat today 😦 but otherwise good, started yoga and attending a philosophical group. And the garden of course… Look forward to your photos 🙂

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      4. I hope your sore throat will be better tomorrow. Drink some hot water with ginger and honey or hot milk and honey. We have worked for a month on my field (10.000 sqm) in Greece which was really exhausting and now the garden here wants to be made ready for the winter. I made more than 1000 photos. Takes a time to process. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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