On a wet and stormy Sunday, what better to do but to look at photos of a wonderful holiday I had in 2008, staying with a friend and his family in beautiful Mauritius. What an interesting, and most beautiful country, lovely people, delicious foods, amazing landscapes, and genuine traditions. We resided on the East coast, but we rented a car and travelled right around the island, this can be done very easily as the island is not so very large. Along the roads a lot of Sugar Cane is growing, but we also saw potato fields. And more towards the West of the island there are Tea plantations.  One of the highlights as far a nature was concerned was a day-long visit to the botanical gardens at Pamplemousses near Port Louis.  I am still appreciative of my friend who showed me around his island home, and made me part of all the beauty.





The rocks at the beaches around the coast are volcanic.





9 thoughts on “MAURITIUS NATURE Part 1

    1. Thank you Mitza, and you enjoy your day too, here the storm of last night has quietened down and all is still for the moment. A branch broke off our Silver Birch, but the Rooks has already half broken it off before. They use these branches to make their nests in our chimneys 🙂

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    1. Yes it was amazing David, I was really able to see the country and it’s people, very nice and interesting too. I would recommend it as a country to visit very much.


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