Here I have three different images which I have been able to minimize using ‘GIMP’ which is a free download app that helps you lower the pixels on your image. The reason I am so busy with this right now is that my media library was coming close again to maximum usage percentage, and I really had to think this time what to do about it. So I asked a question in the help forum of WordPress.com and I have received very good information since. I was advised first of all that my images were way too large for my blog site and it was explained to me how to remedy this for future use. It took a little of practice but thanks to the step-wise instruction that I received it became very easy and hence I have now put these three images on here. I changed them from well over 3GB to a mere 200 or 300KB. So this is mastered and I feel happy that I have gained yet another insight in how all this works.

I still have to add a new site to my present blog as I was advised to export some of my older blog posts there in order to give me more space in my media library. I think that I have understood what to do but I am not sure yet and I will have to go and do it presently and find out how it works.

For a long time I have just floated along with WordPress, I found it easy enough to muddle through it and it looked good enough so I never really read up on what the possibilities are, now that has to change, I want to understand it better and make better use of all its possibilities. To enhance my blog posts for example though I am happy enough with them, I think it is good to keep learning. Half the battle is knowing the lingo and understanding what words or terms refer to. I have used the internet ever since it started and I even used to teach people how to use it while working in the library, but since I retired I fear that I have fallen behind in use of technology and what is available. I think even my grandchildren understand all this modern technology better than I, and things change so rapidly! Still it is good for the brain to try and work it all out.

The staff at WordPress are very helpful and for that I am grateful.

So now it remains to be seen if my photos (the three that I posted) came out in enough detail. You might have to click into each photo to get a larger view.

Please let me know any additional tips or your own experiences with your blog, I would find it very interesting.

Thank you.


This morning I was notified that the thousandth person had just followed my blog, and though I saw it coming, it was still a pleasant surprise to get the confirmation.

So this post is about appreciation of my followers, how I would like to thank each and everyone of you for all your support over the years. I have loved reading all your comments and learned from them too, they have given me delight and a feeling of connectedness which have helped make my life enjoyable and interesting.

I started my blog with WordPress seriously during 2014 when the travel website of which I was a member for many years decided to close, it was VirtualTourist.com and on this site I had many travel stories and tips and photos, and I wanted to keep writing about my travels. So that is one reason why I looked for a new Blog, the other reason was that I had some health issues which took away a lot of my energy and so I spent more time at home and eventually retired from my library work. I also started a new relationship with Ian, an English gentleman who kindly built several raised beds in the garden and so I started to grow herbs and vegetables, organically. This was something that I always wanted to do but had no time for. My decade before that was filled with travels to India and voluntary work there as well as explorations. I also travelled to Mauritius and to New England during that time. I had a wonderful time and interacted and made friends with lovely people during those travels. I took a million photos and filled up my journals with my experiences, some of which I have blogged about since. More recently travels to and explorations of Central Portugal, Gozo, and the canals of Holland have inspired me greatly.

But to get back to my WordPress blog. Here I have connected with many lovely and interesting people many of whom have become my friends and whose own blogs I enjoy very much indeed. I know that I don’t always get to read all your blog posts, but I regularly catch up. I would like to thank everyone very much for your continued support, without it my blog would not be the blog it is.

My further plans with this blog are to keep writing about my plants, my garden, and my travels, my projects. Ian has started to write again and his health is much better which means that I will hopefully get more time to go exploring the villages and areas around the town here in West Cork and will write about that. I will write about new connections, about my bookclub, my grandkids and my life in general. I hope that everyone will keep enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Last but not least I would like to thank my sister Josephine who has kindly offered to do my editing for me, my typos or spelling mistakes which she picks out are a great help, and it is a ‘thing’ with her, she has earned her living all her life doing this sort of work. She’s good.