While being driven through the late night lit up streets of the city the above thoughts went through my mind, the buildings solid and heavy, the serious looking people, the streets wide and straight, it all gave the impression of things being grounded.  Solid.
I loved it straight away and my extended walk around the old town of Pest did not disappoint the next day. I immediately noticed that even though the buildings appeared ‘heavy’ they were far from it. A variety of architectural styles;  neo-classical, neo-renaissance, neo-baroque, and  art nouveau.  Many beautiful buildings to be seen. I visited the St. Stefan Basilica first, all around it there were Christmas market stalls, the ambience was very pleasant. The basilica was impressive, the lightning gave just the right feel for the beautiful arches, capitals, the cupola, and other features, I took quite a few photos. When leaving, as I walked down the steps the bells rang out over the town, a sound that I truly love and enjoyed.
I wandered around part of the old town, looking up more than down and was amazed and delighted to see the ornate windows everywhere, again I tried to document some of these features as I’m quite fascinated by them.
This was only a three day visit to Budapest, we did not get to see the other part of the city which is called Buda and is across the river Danube. But we will return in May next year, looking forward to see and find out more.

As for the people, lovely and very polite, but more about that in another blog.  And plenty more photos too.  I’ve sure come away with nice memories.