I guess it is – or rather – the gardener is awakening! Because a good crop of herbs and vegetables was growing all winter long in our little garden. But today I started getting organized because there is lots to do, and I cannot wait to get going!

Vegetables in abundance – overwintering colourful Chard, Rosemary, Kale and Celery.
The Lavender is in good condition after the winter, and the Rosemary bush is getting larger by the day.

Much of my space is still taken up by winter vegetables but some of the beds are ready, one for potatoes, and another one for flowers, this season the emphasis is going to be on food for the insects, that is so important today.

This book I took out of the library, lots of information on what to grow to help butterflies survive, great for ideas.

So yes there is lots going on even as early in spring as right now. We have enough food coming from the garden, and that helped me make the decision to grow a lot more flowers seeing that insect population is under such threat. But personally I am also very happy with this decision because I am very fond of flowers.

Dear friends, followers, and readers of my blog, I would like to thank you for all your encouragement. I’m coming up to 800 followers now and I treasure everyone of you.



My garden looks a little desolate at this time of the year, this photo shows an early sun shining through the hedge, but the last few days it has been very windy and wet.  I have been inside working on my plans for this coming season’s jobs apart from the actual gardening.  During the summer I took photos in the garden of maintenance jobs that need urgent attention, and today I gave those plans some of my time.  I always plan everything on the laptop first with photos, it helps my focus and is fun!


DSCF9600      DSCF9424

Some of the planks of this shed need replacing, and the woodwork needs treatment.  The two doors need to be stripped and repainted.  One of the doors need an hinge to be replaced.

DSCF9452      DSCF9429

Inside of shed needs major sorting and organising, bring on the re-cycle bags.  And the composting area has a lot of mulching that can do with spreading. (should have done that before the winter)

DSCF1367       DSCF9447

A wall needs to be white washed, a rainwater barrel needs to be fitted to the down-pipe.  And the large beautiful urn that broke in two needs to be fixed with wire around the top of it.

Lots of work in the offing, but great to be planning and later when the weather improves and the work is done, it will be great to tick off the jobs one by one.