In the pre-dawn when some half disturbing dream awakens me, I become aware of stillness….. I hear nothing ~ my thoughts wander far into the Cosmos and I wonder if all is stillness there as well. I start to wonder if this is what death is like too.

The stillness is inside and out.

A blackbird starts to sing. When I draw the curtain expecting to see a glimpse of the approaching dawn, I am greeted by a full moon shining through slivers of mist covering the town below in the valley. I marvel at the beautifully diffused sight.

Right now I am fully awake and thoughts of writing stir in my freshly rested mind, so I take up my pen and here I am.

There is an amazing happening right here and now…everything lies still, it’s as if the world has stopped turning.

Awaiting the brightness of the day, gratefulness washes over me.

(Inspired by the lockdown of Corona virus)


A brilliant rainbow in the valley of Glengarriff, a beautiful village in West Cork. It was such a bright rainbow that I could not resist taking a photo, not that I normally chase rainbows ūüôā



Evening over the hill at lough Ine, situated between Skibbereen and Baltimore, West Cork


A quarry just outside the town of Skibbereen.  As I take an interest in rocks and minerals I have always wanted to take a photo of this quarry, it is my guess that slate and shale is or was quarried here in the past, or maybe still these days, as these are rocks that are found around here, and they would be used commercially.



Full moon and it’s freezing outside, the two of them often go together here in West Cork (and perhaps elsewhere).¬† I never get tired of watching the moon, and the stars too for that matter.¬† They fascinate me beyond any reason.¬† They make me feel as if we are not alone in this universe, they are like kindred neighbours that travel with us throughout time and distance, distance into the unfathomable cosmos.¬† It is both awe inspiring and so incredibly interesting to look up at the night sky, especially of course with a telescope, but even a pair of binoculars can give a lot more than the naked eye can.¬† Both beautiful and fascinating!