A windless morning in the garden. A lone robin is singing in the birch tree. Some sounds are travelling up from the town in the valley. I’m having my morning coffee outside on the patio and enjoying this beautiful and peaceful scene. Our foxgloves are almost totally in seed now, only the tops of their long stems are still a beautiful pink, they have been very good for the pollinators. This morning only a few bumblebees have visited. Seagulls and crows are flying over our airspace shouting confident cries. Sparrows are chirping in the hawthorn tree, many of them. How I love all those sounds.

Of the usual two dozen that years ago were, there are now only four swifts visiting in our area, I so miss their summery sounds above our houses and gardens.

How I enjoy all this activity in nature, and this morning is a rare break in my own daily activities, a solace to the soul, a much desired rest for the body. And yet it is there for the taking – whenever and free. A true blessing.


Well it is midsummer now, there has been a stillness in the air all day, now as the sun slowly disappears behind Mount Gabriel, the swifts are making merry above the houses here, probably the coolness of the evening has allowed the insects to dans around making easy prey for those happily swooping birds.
It is wind still.

How nice after the emotional and exciting last two days after voting results came out, Brexit is out….. will chaos follow, or not!

I was out in the garden today, looking at what is growing, and was pleasantly surprised with the flowers and the herbs, there is not much else growing as I did not plant any vegetables, but there are quite a few wild edible plants which I am using. I did not sow nor did I plant this year because this coming autumn we are going away again, but more about that another time. There are some berries growing and producing, strawberries, red currants, raspberries, are all doing really well. The herbs too have never grown better, makes me very happy.

Though I am leaving every single flower wild or not, I am disappointed with the lack of bees and other insects, despite there being a beehive just in next door’s garden! I still have to see my first butterfly too this summer, even though I spent days in the midst of nature last week. I hope that will change soon.


After a month of enjoyable family activities, a gathering, wedding, and many visits, and a short journey to my native country with my older sister, I am getting back into a routine of writing my blog, the inspiration is slow in coming but I don’t worry about that, I took so many photos over the past few weeks that I can fall back on those. Photos about a visit to Lier, Belgium, a walk in the forest with some of my mum’s great grandchildren, the large family gathering, my sister Meave’s and my sister Josefine’s gardens, a visit to the garden of my brother Brian and Mia, all very lush and beautiful, and many more. Meanwhile the solstice has come and gone, and my garden is totally overgrown because of neglect, but the beans and peas are doing very well. The next few weeks it will be hard work getting everything under control and planting out more peas and leeks, all stuff to look forward to. I hope that of all my friends and followers everyone is well and enjoying this summer, I for one am glad to be back to blogging and to reading everyone’s blog entries. Blessings to all.