Helleborus, Lenten Rose, or how I used to know it, Christmas Rose is a lovely plant to have around during the late winter or early spring, which is when it flowers. As today was a wet and rather dreary day here in West Cork, I decided to plan our front garden and give it more attention than it has had for the past five years. It is a rather small garden surrounded by a fairly high hedge and a wooden fence, it faces the North-East and it gets a lot of shade as a result. So Helleborus is an ideal and easy to grow plant to have in that spot. There are very many varieties of Helleborus, in a great variety of colours, many types are white or cream with speckles, some are purple, deep pink or delicate rose. I’ve also seen some with double flowers, all very beautiful. Recently I came across a reference to two really exquisite types, one of which is called; Helleborus Hydridus which is yellow and purple/bluish and deep pink. And the other one that really took my attention is called Sanguinaria Canadensis f multiplex ‘plena’ which are the double form of Bloodroot and have pure white double flowers, beautiful and delicate. I found reference to these two particular types of Helleborus in Carol Klein’s ‘Favourite Plant’s’, a book that is full of wonderful information and photos. Anyway, I plan to put a lot more flowering plants in the front garden, growing them in containers, as most of this garden is covered up with tiles. I’ve looked into some books on container gardening and learnt a thing or two, and so I feel more prepared to try this way of bringing colour and beauty to an otherwise cold approach to our house.