So right, we live in S.W. Ireland, and that means that we experience a micro climate due to the gulfstream passing by these shores, and normally we do have a mild winter, it seldom snows or freezes here, though we do get some light frost during or after January.

Even though it is quite cold just now, and the mountains in the distance have their tops covered in snow, in the garden the plant growth reminds me more of early spring. The temperature of the soil seems normal enough, it was 6 degrees Celsius the other day, and at night the outside temperature is between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius. And even today the cold wind made it feel very chilly. But yet something seems out of kilter, and I cannot actually put my finger on it clearly. Questions like; Is the planet really warming up? Is the climate changing? beg for answers everyday and all around us now. Here are some of my own observations.

And taking stock of the garden the other day here is what I found.

And even while you would not think so, it is late autumn now, another few weeks and it is Christmas. Am I perhaps imagining that the season is out of kilter? All the same I am delighted with so much growth in the garden. As it stands I have not been able to work in the garden since September because we have been working inside the house and I have had no time. Needless to say I cannot wait to get going again, meanwhile I am using my herbs in my cooking. Oh and I bought a Camelia shrub yesterday, can’t wait to give it a lovely spot where we can see it bloom from the window later in winter.
Have you been busy in your garden my friends? I’d love to hear your stories.

PS actually Oca is only harvested after the first night frost, they are a reddish sweetish little potato-like vegetable. I have found them relatively easy to grow but hard to peel or clean before eating. They are a nice plant though. Check this website if you are interested in them.


The big city to the east of where I live is called Corcaigh (in Irish) or Cork, it’s a city with a population of roughly about 120,000. It’s a beautiful city too, with an interesting history. Some of the original wall of the city can be seen at the Peace Park. Originally a monastic settlement, it then got discovered and became an important trading town of the Vikings who were also settling at other ports along the coast of Ireland. But I don’t know very much about the history of Cork, and of course there is a lot more to say about it, some day I would like to explore that properly and take many photos, but right now, I just enjoy it when I go there, which is not often. I took these photos today as I found the sight so lovely. Cork was built on the river Lee which divides into two channels making it that the centre of the town is like an island so to say.  So this is the river Lee.

20150203_102150   20150203_082413

One the way up to the city we had some snow, it was early in the morning, and then I saw this lovely large orange ball coming up over the horizon and it was the sun!  Glorious morning though cold.  Cork can be a few degrees colder than it is in West Cork. (due to the gulf stream which brings with it warmer air).

20150203_081229    20150203_080719

The old disused railway viaduct in a light dusting of snow.