It’s amazing how much colour and produce the garden has at this time of the year. Around here it is considered late summer and some days might really have the feel of autumn about them.
But that is not to say that there is less growth, lately we have had a few warm days, temperatures going up a high as 20C, delightful of course and naturally resulting in good growth. The leeks, kale and other winter vegetables that I planted out over the last few weeks have established themselves really well. I am also drying very many herbs and wild plants for winter use, and it gives me great satisfaction to do this.
Among the vegetables are the flowers which give plenty of variety in colour and beauty. Plenty of bumblebees visit especially the oregano and the wall flowers.
I’ve been infusing oils lately, the latest now is the hypericum perforatum, started that today, more flowers need to open over the next few days so I get enough to make a good infusion.
It is an interesting time of the year what with so much harvesting going on, granted in my garden it’s mainly herbs and wild foods this time due to having had a bad season, but that is also interesting in itself.
The slug and snail hunt is still on every night and it is helping to keep my vegetables safe, so worth the effort.
DSCF9538    DSCF9517    DSCF9537

Kale, onions, and some type of marrow – lovely patterns and colours.


Bumblebee on a wallflower

DSCF9556   DSCF9559

Two very favourite herbs, the St.John’s worth (hypericum perforatum), and the tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)  I seem to remember that my dad used to make us a pancake every spring time adding the leaves of the tansy, it was to protect us kids from worms.  Not sure if this was a regular herbal remedy, I think it was rather a traditional thing to do in the town where my dad is from (Diest in Belgium).  I remember the very peculiar taste, and enjoyed it.  (not saying it is safe to do this by the way, do your own research please.)


Some sort of fly on the calendula flower, nice to have come across this today.

DSCF9552  DSCF9521

My sprouts are growing very well, can’t wait to see the sprouts coming on the plants.  And a bumblebee on the oregano flowers.  Real nice to get them come into flower and so the insects can enjoy them too.


I’ve loved Dandelions all my life, they are bright, beautiful, yellow, and very delicate if you look at them closely. And they flower early in spring, and grow everywhere in the wild. I remember picking a bunch of them when I was six years old, for my mum, who had just given birth to one of my siblings, I did not then realise how much of a stain they can leave on your hands. The leaves are lovely used in a salad, and from the roots you can make a good coffee substitute that you can drink for a healthy liver.

And a detail of some of the petals and stamens.


These are the flowers of the wild onion, beautiful white flowers with a green stripe along it’s petals.  And today in the mini greenhouse the temperature rouse to 10* Celsius.

DSCF5970    DSCF5987

Young shoots of the Lady’s Mantel, and the Chives, great to see those in the garden.

DSCF5982    DSCF5980

My patch of Garlic is coming on well, they won’t be harvested until well into the autumn.  Among the Garlic is growing some fresh Goose grass (Cleavers) which I want to use this year, in the soup.   I harvested a good amount of spinach for tonight’s dinner, it was delicious.

DSCF5988     DSCF5968

And so another week is over, and we are coming closer to real spring starting, here it is said that once St.Patrick’s day (17th of March) is over one can start to sow outside.  My seedlings inside the house are absolutely rearing to get going, they are getting stronger by the day, it’s a joy to watch them grow.  Even the Holy Basil has now sprouted.


Just today I have started an on-line course in permaculture, got the information in my email and thought I would try it out. Well I was so impressed after watching the first lecture that I am already looking forward to tomorrow when I will listen to lecture 02. The course is free and the link is:


I went for a stroll through my garden today, it was lovely and sunny, I needed to check what is going on, and I see that there are quite a few plants doing very well.  The leeks growing together with the feverfew, growing right through the winter months.


Here a thyme plant that had a Foxglove plant growing beside it, I will move that one in the flower section as it becomes very large.

DSCF5423      DSCF5431

Garlic is coming up well, and beetroot still need to be harvested and used.

DSCF5420    DSCF5421

And more work in this patch, deciding what to grow where.  The Borage plants are strong already, the flowers will be good to attract bees into the garden.


Today has been very mild (around 6 degrees Celsius, with sunshine, and a little drizzle this afternoon. I was able to go out and give some attention to the garden. There were a few Kale that still needed planting out, so I did that, and discovered that the soil is improving, it has become more crumbly, though in places still very wet. Well I mulched a bit around the newly planted Kale. Took in some bamboo sticks that were still sticking in the soil, and checked how the garlic are doing. I also still harvested some beetroot which is nice and fat. There were two Robins in the garden with me, coming quite close to pick some creatures out of the soil. This evening we were treated to an amazing sunset once again, which I’d like to share with everyone.