The Indian summer looks as if it has come to an end for the time being, that does not mean that October cannot be a great month though. We have had showers which are really welcome in the garden. There is more wind and the leaves, now in browns and yellows are flying all over the place, yes it is autumn – big time – and I love it, though not so much the dark days without any sun at all.

The garden birds have come back, plenty of sparrows this year, but I am delighted to say that we have a variety of tits, including blue tits, coal tits and the great tit, and this morning I saw a gold crest, these are the little birds in the pine and the birch tree that I had difficulty identifying, that is because I could only hear them, not see them properly, but this morning one was feeding at the bird table, what a lovely sight, I hope to catch them on camera one of these days. I’ve also seen gold finches, and we are planning to plant some thistles next year especially to see these lovely creatures feeding. It was the garden next door where it was full of thistles that attracted the gold finches into the area last year, this year though our neighbour cut all his grass, and also the thistles, a pity that is for the birds. Our robin is still around too, and the collared doves have returned, of course we always have the rooks and jackdaws, and so far I have noticed quite a few starlings too. Finches always abound in our garden, they are great users of the bird table. Other than that there is the resident wren, some blackbirds and the occasional song thrush. So delighted all over as we both enjoy these birds very much.

And this morning I planted out some round black radish among the leeks, looking forward to cooking with them later in the winter. I picked another generous bunch of sweet peas, they are still flowering profusely, and beautifully scented. The roses too are in full bloom. I was surprised to find an evening primrose plant flowering among other herbs this week, I sowed these during spring and then forgot about them, a lovely yellow flower and medicinal herb.  Some of the other produce still in the garden is the broccoli and some of that is for dinner tonight, lovely freshly picked.

Still seedlings are coming up and these plants will go into the cold frames later on, it are winter salad leaves mostly. Though I was out of action for a whole week, it is always great to spend time in the garden no matter what the weather.
Recovered Autosave


The last two days we have had no sunshine, it has been misty, but early in the morning the birds are singing to their hearts content. It’s lovely to wake up to these beautiful sounds and it sure makes you feel that spring is here though the weather seems to be a little behind just now.

This little Wren is one of our residents in the garden, it is lovely to have these perky little birds around, soon they will make their nests in our hedge.



And bright yellow Crocuses opening up in the garden.

DSCF5633   DSCF5401

The song of the Blackbird is one of my favourites, and I hope that we have a lot of visitors also this summer so we can enjoy their song everyday.  The Finch family is well represented, today I also saw a green Finch, a female.  Let them all nest and produce lots of offspring so that we can enjoy a good variety of beautiful birds in our gardens, they are lovely company.