Wednesday afternoon is always interesting, apart from all sorts of things happening in my garden, I take care of my five year old grandson, Ruben just loves helping in the garden and today we planted out the winter beet leaf plants. Ruben then gave them plenty of water, but he also dug the holes, so he is a real help. Then we always take rest and have a cup of tea, and today Ruben was pleasantly surprised to meet our new tenant, the robin! This little bird came to pick up crumbs that had fallen on the carpet in the conservatory to the delight of Ruben. There was lots more to be seen and done, there was a caterpillar, and there were herbs to gather and put to dry, and tools to clear up and much more. Ruben, who has just yesterday started big school is a delight to have around. He likes to go for a walk to see the horse in a nearby field too, and playing hide and seek with his amma (that’s me). We laugh and laugh and have the greatest fun, meanwhile Ruben is learning all about gardening and about little creatures which he is very gentle with (even lowering his voice when near them).  A wonderful, gentle and delightful boy!

Yet another crop of calendula, and chives flowers and stalks.  They are drying now for use this winter.

20150902_155524    20150902_155541

On our walk along the boreen, there were seeds on the violets.  And hawthorn berries starting to ripen.


Our resident robin who spends more and more time inside with us.

DSCF9900     20150902_155640

A caterpillar on the petunia, and another fresh crop of yarrow, to dry for making tea in the coming winter months.


I’ve loved Dandelions all my life, they are bright, beautiful, yellow, and very delicate if you look at them closely. And they flower early in spring, and grow everywhere in the wild. I remember picking a bunch of them when I was six years old, for my mum, who had just given birth to one of my siblings, I did not then realise how much of a stain they can leave on your hands. The leaves are lovely used in a salad, and from the roots you can make a good coffee substitute that you can drink for a healthy liver.

And a detail of some of the petals and stamens.


These are the flowers of the wild onion, beautiful white flowers with a green stripe along it’s petals.  And today in the mini greenhouse the temperature rouse to 10* Celsius.

DSCF5970    DSCF5987

Young shoots of the Lady’s Mantel, and the Chives, great to see those in the garden.

DSCF5982    DSCF5980

My patch of Garlic is coming on well, they won’t be harvested until well into the autumn.  Among the Garlic is growing some fresh Goose grass (Cleavers) which I want to use this year, in the soup.   I harvested a good amount of spinach for tonight’s dinner, it was delicious.

DSCF5988     DSCF5968

And so another week is over, and we are coming closer to real spring starting, here it is said that once St.Patrick’s day (17th of March) is over one can start to sow outside.  My seedlings inside the house are absolutely rearing to get going, they are getting stronger by the day, it’s a joy to watch them grow.  Even the Holy Basil has now sprouted.