A walk to the outskirts of this historical town treats me to wonderful views of the surrounding villages and countryside, places like Sannat, Xewkija and Xaghra can be seen easily, and in between the villages there is a wealth of greenery and meadows full of yellow flowers. It was a cold day, a slight breeze made me put on my hat, but for walking it was excellent weather. I had been to the library, where the librarians were freezing, obviously because their job demands deskwork, it is a fairly small library here but the librarians are very helpful and friendly. The book stock, although some of it is old enough, is very interesting to me for my chosen subject while we are here. So after that visit I decided to head off on the nearest street and see where it would bring me. Interestingly it turned out to be a different area from most of what I have seen of Victoria because up to now I have just hung out in the oldest part of town, here it is very residential. The whole town of Victoria is very residential, a pleasant town to live in I can say from experience, very friendly, always something happening and buzzing with people, yet quiet and peaceful, you feel safe here. It is historic, and beautiful in its limestone buildings.  Here a few photos of today’s walk.


Looking towards Xewkija, I could easily have walked there if I wanted to, so close to here.


2017-01-17-13-21-12                             A beautiful little flower on a patch along the road.

2017-01-17-13-15-52-copy                                  Cats meet you all over Gozo




A happy Monday morning wishes to all, hope that your week has started well. My week could not have started any better when early on I woke up to glorious sunshine. I happen to glance out of the window to the front garden and the buddleia bush and there I saw the most beautiful butterflies, five different species. They were fluttering among the honeybees of which there were over half a dozen.   I stood watching them for a long time and only then thought about taking some photos and I’m glad that I did because in a way I feel that I have captured their beauty to share with so many others, and that makes me happy!

What a beautiful time of the year it is!
This is a peacock butterfly, it is found all over Ireland. It hibernates during the winter. It’s got to be the most beautiful of the butterflies in Ireland.
This was amazing, so many species on the one flower spike, there is the red admiral, these feed on over-ripe fruit and also in particular you see them on the buddleia bush. There is also a painted lady and a small tortoise butterfly.  Not to forget the lovely honeybee, it’s so nice to see many of these around isn’t it, knowing that they are on the decline.

Painted Lady butterfly
Painted Lady butterfly

After I had stood there for a long time watching them, there came a neighbour’s cat and she could think of nothing better to do but to try and catch the butterflies, she managed to get hold of one branch of flowers and destroyed that, but the butterflies were able to escape and of course, much as I love cats, she got chased away very quickly by me.



I just have to share this with all of you. I’m not a sentimental cat person, but you just got to love these guys around here, they are awesome, the Maltese cat! Feral cats have been around humans for a long time, they thrive not only in the city but also in rural areas, and here on Gozo and on Malta you see quite a few of them, they walk the streets, and they are not as used to people as the domesticated cat obviously, they are used to looking after themselves, fending for themselves and finding food. I look at them and see character in their faces! In the park in Victoria (capital of Gozo) there are several cats that lounge about, one lovely ginger is my favourite there, it stands high on its legs, a graceful animal.  (A lot of these Maltese feral cats seem to stand high on their legs I have noticed).  You see them in all sort of shades from grey to white, but most beautiful are the patchy ones who have deep ginger, black and grey colours. They have buckets of attitude, and walk around as if the street is their backyard, I just love their confidence. Here are a few of the guys around the street where we are staying.

Below I would like to share with you my favourite of all time.  It is this patchy cat, I only saw him/her today for the first time and hope to catch sight again, this cat is the type that you could write about with great imagination because that is what she/he does to you, makes you wonder how she/he gets her food, survives the night with all the other toms around.  What an intelligent look in her/his face too, no wonder she is looking after herself so well.  One of the most noticeable things about her is the long full tail, longer than any cat’s tail I have ever come across, she uses it to her full advantage to express how she feels, brilliant!

I hope you enjoyed my cat photos, I cannot for the life of me resist taking more pics of them, goodness me! 🙂






Many years ago when the digital camera became affordable for me I started with photography as my hobby, before that I used to paint water colours. Today as I was looking through some old CD-ROMs I came across some pictures that I used to like at the time, and seeing that I did not do much else today I thought that I would make them the subject of today’s blog entry.
Early spring 2005 046

This sunset I took on my way home from work one winter’s day, the water is Bantry Bay which is always good for a nice sunset.


This snap I took while on an early Sunday morning trip around the area here to take photos of wild flowers, I noticed this idyllic farm setting and loved it, so peaceful.

onze poes 012

I found this one among my ‘cat’ photos, his name is Goldberg and he was an amazing cat, always wanted to be close to me, and here I was trying to look over my notes of a course I was doing.


While on a forest walk with a friend who knew about edible mushrooms I came across this tree branch full of (inedible) toadstools, I thought that it was such a nice picture and a lovely find.  We did go on to find a lot of Chanterelles which are very much liked here by people in the know.  (I’m not and don’t trust myself to identify them properly)

Leap,Roscarbery 036

This photo is just of a cow on a winter’s morning, for a while I was put on mobile library duty here in West Cork, I enjoyed it immensely as it was lovely to interact with the wonderful country people and to see all the wonderful nature on the sometimes long journeys around the peninsulas.  It used to be very cold on the old library bus, but there was always the little gems I used to come across.