“It’s like living in a light bulb, with the leaves
Like filaments and the sky a shell of thin, transparent glass
Enclosing the late heaven of a summer day, a canopy
Of incandescent blue above the dappled sunlight golden on the grass.”
From John Koethe’s ‘Sally’s Hair’.

Breakfast under the Hawthorn tree is such a summery pleasure, birds singing in the trees all around us, what a beautiful start to the day.

Today I was inspired by the shadows of some trees along the road to town, what I saw reminded me of some of the impressionist painters like Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Paul Cezanne, and others, also more modern painters like Marc Hanson or Terri Ford.  I have always loved the way these guys painted the shadows under the trees, and indeed I love walking under trees during sunny weather for the same reason, the sun playing among the leaves, the shadows in all shades of grey, the dappled sunlight interesting and playful. The shade under the trees giving perhaps cooling to an overheated brain.

How I wish I could paint these shadows, and that light.






So much is happening all around us in nature this month, insects abound, blossoms and wild flowers are everywhere, and a soft rain that makes everything green and fresh, and brings out the tender young shoots of trees and shrubs, falls with regular intervals on the slightly warmed soil, it is a delightful time.

I’ve seen quite a few Bumblebees, a reassuring sight – hoping for good pollination. Then I came across this large Wasp, my first this spring, I could not resist taking a series of photos. The Wasp itself became irritated when I disturbed it and went standing high on it’s little legs, it’s wings flapping vigorously.

Along the hedgerows Foxgloves are already starting to come into bloom. The meadow flowers like Buttercups, Daisies, Speedwells, Dandelions, and the Cuckoo pints are found in abundance.   The Willow Catkins, the Cherry- and Apple tree blossoms are out in full glory, a wonderful sight to behold. Along the hedgerows are seen the lovely bunches of green flowers, they are called Sun Spurges and they grow in abundance around here, mainly in sheltered hedgerows, and not too high above sea level.


Above:  Cuckoo pints and a Willow catkin


Above:  some sort of House Fly


Above:  The Sun Spurge

Above Apple blossom


Above:  First Wasp of the summer.