The Korean Fir that we bought at Christmas and decorated for the celebrations has been very busy ever since, we kept it inside so that it would survive the cold outside, so it is in the conservatory/dining room. Some weeks ago we noticed that cones started to grow in the top branches (see photos), then at the tip of some of the branches there came buds which soon opened up and are now new needles. Every morning we check out the newest growth, it is a great pleasure in our lives. I water and feed it regularly and soon it is going into a slightly larger pot. When the weather becomes just a little more stable we will put it outside. It is a great project giving great satisfaction.

First the cones appeared.

DSCF5464   DSCF5463

Then buds started to appear all over the branches, we were wondering what that would bring.

New needles and hence branches on the tree, all still very tender and young, we shall see what happens next.  I have never seen a fir tree at such close quarters and especially seen what happens at the crown high up in the tree.  It’s real good.



I thought it a good idea to just flood today’s blog entry with brightly coloured Hydrangeas. The weather is dismal, and I am so fighting a chest infection, without much success, that I just want to share beautiful flowers, it’s uplifting.
So I wish that everyone else enjoy them too. Hydrangeas are a lovely shrub that is more and more being used in Ireland as a road side plant, this is good or at least it is very beautiful, and in urban areas this can make a lot of difference to the landscape and the beauty of the area. The colours are amazing, from deep blue to deep red, or some pastel colours too. Flowering all summer and well into autumn.






A most beautiful surprise this morning.  Our little Christmas tree, which is alive, gave us some lovely tender young cones!  So this Korean Fir is doing well and healthy, and producing more growth, very pleased about that.  On the seventh all the decorations are coming off it and then I will keep it inside to make sure that it survives the winter.  It’s been a lovely experience having this life tree in the house, and this morning we were both so happy to see these lovely young cones.

DSCF5107     DSCF5106

The new and the old cone here.