Today was the last spring day in Ireland, tomorrow the first of May Summer is starting! It was a glorious day, as we sat outside eating lunch I noticed all of a sudden that there was a beautiful halo around the sun, I’d never seen this before, plenty of time around the moon but never around the sun, so grabbed my camera and took some pictures.
And as is the tradition in the land of Flanders, tomorrow is the day when husbands and lovers give a bunch of ‘meiklokjes’ or Lily of the Valley, to their sweethearts. Mine are just about opening up in the garden, I adore their scent, and they do look beautiful too.
So wishing everyone a great May Day. I know that it is celebrated here in Ireland too, and it is a bank holiday. May it be a lovely weekend for everyone.


‘Lily of the Valley’, or in Flemish ‘Meiklokje’