Today I was on granny duty and two of my grandchildren came and we all had a great time. Ruben helped me with planting out primroses which he really loved doing, the whole room, and himself were covered with earth, but so what! Then it was time for Alice to collect all my old vintage dolls and give them a picnic, Ruben was also enthusiastic about this, they played for a long while at this, after which we all went to the garden centre to pick up more seeds and enjoy playing with the dogs there. Then it was time to read, and read, my voice is not great after all this, hoarse as hell! But did not quite finish Roald Dahl’s ‘George’s marvellous medicine’. At around six o’clock I drove them both home again. Though I am wrecked, we did have a very special day.



Tomorrow the official spring time is starting for Ireland, it is also the celebration of St.Brigid and a traditional St.Brigid cross is woven out of reeds. I did not make one this year as I did not get it together to go and search for reeds. A day or two ago (I was without internet) there was a big hail shower, it has been the closest we got to snow-like appearance this past winter, a few quick photos to mark the occasion.


DSCF5588    DSCF5582



Today was a lovely spring-like day, sunshine and about 6 degrees Celsius. I found daffodils up and budding to flower, also crocuses, primroses, and the borage, lemon balm and comfrey plants are sprouting and showing young new fresh green shoots – lovely. I did some mulching, and my partner started to take down a branch of the chestnut tree. I am also starting a few seeds inside, at this time it will just be sweet peas, but soon vegetables will follow. Then I picked some more produce from the garden to cook dinner. All in all it was a lovely day with a definite ‘spring’ feeling about it, putting a big smile on our faces.

DSCF5495     DSCF5482

DSCF5492    DSCF5507      DSCF5483

DSCF5516      DSCF5515