This is the country lane, a little Boreen as it is known here, the word comes from the Irish bóithrín, meaning “a little road”, where I take my walk every day. It does not look like much but along its sides it is brilliantly covered with so many wild plants, even now that it is only 21 days to the winter solstice, wild plants are growing profusely. And there are flowers too, the Gorse is starting to show it’s golden yellow blossoms, they flower twice a year, but their best bloom is between now and February when whole hedgerows may be so coloured by the yellow flowers that it looks quite spectacular. Their scent is so sweet also.
I see a lot of Wall Pennywort at the moment too and it is looking so healthy. And Ivy which is in bloom at the moment, it is said that the Peacock and Tortoiseshell butterflies hibernate in the Ivy plant, that’s great to know as I was always wondering what they do during the winter months, I thought that they died at the end of summer though you sometimes see them inside the house at this time of the year.

20141130_124247    20141130_124329

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And over this all sings the Robin, he’s singing his heart out, sheer joy at all the beauty around it, what a delightful sound.


Along the coast of West Cork there is a lot of wild nature to explore, half wild horses graze on marshy land separated from the ocean with a causeway, a road hugging the coastline. I was there today and managed to take some shots though it was a little foggy. The views are breath taking and the air so fresh and invigorating. I saw surfers taking advantage of the swell after the winds of the last few days. What a lovely Saturday afternoon it was.





There is always something nice to look forward to in the hedgerows along the roads here in West Cork. During the height of, or late summer, there are the wild Roses, they grow profusely and make a lovely show, especially their scents is what interests me as I love it. Here are some photos I took during their time of flowering, and their fruits also, which by now is bright red, juicy, and plentiful, the birds are the best customers, they love it.

Lots of Roses grown wild along the roadside here in West Cork, they are a pleasure to behold, and their scents make the country side very fragrant during summer.





And the Rosehips are plentiful now that summer is nearly over and autumn is approaching.  There is a lot one can do with the Rosehips, making jelly, or making a cough syrup are some of the ways to use them.