Yesterday I took stock of my garden, there was lots to consider and one of the main points was the fact that so many of my plants are being eaten by the slugs and snail. I did discuss this with a few people around here and they all say, go into the garden at dusk and pick them off your plants one by one. In my desperation to produce a harvest of delicious vegetables I finally took the advice, and last night I went out with my little jar to fetch them. In no time I collected two dozen of the little creatures, and found a good place in a meadow to free them up (I hope they won’t find their back here). Today we had heavy rain all morning but in the afternoon the weather improved and so I went out again to find more of the same, soon I had another dozen caught, they were trying to get out of the jar, climbing all over my hands.  I think they are lovely creatures, and could never kill them. Especially the snails are beautiful. I could not resist taking photos of them either. I think that I have now got it licked, no more slugs or snails eating my tender young shoots or newly planted seedlings. I hope I have anyway, time will tell.

DSCF8806   DSCF8808

DSCF8827  DSCF8809