Full moon and it’s freezing outside, the two of them often go together here in West Cork (and perhaps elsewhere).  I never get tired of watching the moon, and the stars too for that matter.  They fascinate me beyond any reason.  They make me feel as if we are not alone in this universe, they are like kindred neighbours that travel with us throughout time and distance, distance into the unfathomable cosmos.  It is both awe inspiring and so incredibly interesting to look up at the night sky, especially of course with a telescope, but even a pair of binoculars can give a lot more than the naked eye can.  Both beautiful and fascinating!


As I was trying to take some photos of several little birds in the Birch tree in our garden this morning, I spotted the moon brightly in the sky. It was a lovely sunny October day and warm for the time of the year. These little birds are fascinating me, they flitter so quickly that it is hard to capture them. They have a sharp beak and their tail is straight. They are about the size of a Wren. There is usually a bunch of them together. At first I thought that they were the Goldfinches which visit the garden next door, but they have a different beak.


DSCF3886       DSCF3883These photos are not much good, but they do show the beak and the tail, I keep trying, it is exciting to come across new birds visiting the garden.