Catching up with some of the harvest activities was fun today and very necessary too.  Some weeks ago I harvested Calendula flowers from the garden to cover with a good quality oil, put it on a sunny window sill for 6 weeks and then my oil is ready, it is now. The next step is to make a salve out of the oil with the use of Beeswax. This salve is very healing and useful for all sorts of skin problems or hurts. I will be making this in the next few days, my first time ever. Exciting!


Chamomile oil Oct 2014    DSCF4062

Chamomile oil brewing now in the same way as the Calendula oil, that will also be made in a salve.

And the plenty of lovely Nettles growing around here have been dried also and will be used to add to soups, broths, or make into a tea.  Full of minerals and natural.  There is so much to harvest, all wild growing things.

DSCF4042     Poppy seeds

All along there have been huge Poppies growing in the garden, self seeding and plentiful.  This year I have kept most of the seeds and have 75gr which I will have to share out as I don’t want to waste it of course, the flowers are so beautiful and grow easy.  .I’m not sure if the seeds could be used in baking as the type of Poppy they come from is a cultivated one, not even sure now how it came to grow in the garden many years ago.

DSCF4048    DSCF4060

Coriander seeds and Dandelion leaves drying for use during the winter months.



Today I have tried out a recipe for Hawthorn berry honey which I learnt in my herbal course in Herb Mentor (by LearningHerbs)  So here is what I did:  I took the berries which I had harvested from the Hawthorn tree in the garden, and I smashed them a little, so that the juice could mix with the honey.  A waft of lovely rather heavy wooden scent came floating towards me while I was doing that.  It’s so simple to make, you put the berries into a clean jar and cover it with honey, making sure that it is mixed well.  Important –  Don’t crush the seeds inside the berries.  Strain after 24 hours or so, and use a little.  It is supposed to be good for the heart it says, but I am not taking responsibility for people’s individual decisions of use while on medicines or while ill.  Always consult a doctor before using such strong herbal concoctions.

DSCF3476           DSCF3478

DSCF3480            Hawthorn