First of all I would like to say thank you so much for nominating my blog James Gielow of “Mind Your Dirt”  I am quite honestly speechless and very appreciative.

In my blog I like to celebrate the beauty of nature. The idea was also to keep a journal of setting up my own organic garden, and of seeing plants and vegetables grow, and creatures that come across my path while creating that garden. Well that is how I started out, but soon I found I wanted to share photos and chat about natural subjects far beyond my garden, and I found that enjoyable too. It is not only because this country I live in has so much beautiful nature, but also because I have travelled widely and seen and photographed some amazing wonders of nature and people. Many of my photos are of flowers, trees, and other nature subjects which I have loved all my life.

So here are some points about myself which I have been asked to share:

  • I have not always lived in Ireland, I am Flemish or what is called a Flemish speaking Belgian. And so English is not my mother tongue, I picked it up when I was younger, I learnt some grammar when I was doing a course in teaching English as a second language
  • For many years I have worked in a local library and enjoyed the work very much but the last two years I have had to give up work due to ill health. This was a large adjustment, but life is good and I am finding my new life quite enjoyable. In fact, every day is full of new little discoveries and possibilities for satisfaction and contentment. Part of that is my garden, things like growing organic vegetables, learning about making compost, harvesting produce etc…. most of it new to me and so an interesting learning curve. There is also the feeding of the birds which gives enormous delight.
  • Another aspect of what makes me tick is that I love travelling, and when I visit a country I like to live like the natives as I really want to experience what the people and country are like. And I’ve had so many fine experiences in this way. I have interacted with the tribal people of Kerala. Worked in an orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, spent time in an Ashram in Tamil Nadu, visited a friend’s family in Mauritius, ate with the people of the island of Naxos, visited the house where Ralph Waldo Emerson lived, and where David Henry Thoreau spent time in Concord near Boston.   Got to know the people and foods of a small little village in Central Portugal, and so on. Very rewarding experiences.
  • I believe in peace, and hope for it worldwide. And as part of that belief I think that the most important things is to be tolerant and interact with others in an adult way. With a good sense of humour, and also with lots of kindness and good will. Impossible? I don’t think so, and I have a great belief in that eventually it will come about, world peace.           Human Rights, Third World Development, and Sustainable Living are also very high on my list of concerns and interests.
  • Some of my other interests are Photography, Botany, Geology, Music, Literature, my grandchildren…. Life is so exciting!

I like to thank all my new friends and followers for their amazing and wonderful Blogs.

Looking at new Blog posts is like walking in a very inspiring and enjoyable garden, spending time with so many amazing, and wonderful people, and ideas. I am looking forward to all of your company during this New Year!

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