Look at this most beautiful Blackcap which has been visiting our bird feeder for the last few weeks and finally I got a good shot of it. This is the male Blackcap, we also had the female feeding for a while, see: but one day it fell off the feeder, I picked it up and brought it inside and after less than a minute it started to move again and I let it fly off, we never saw it again! The male visits every day. I so hope that the female is still around, maybe the male is feeding the female if she is sitting on eggs? No, I just read that their nesting season is April to mid-June, so it would be too early for that.
I saw my first hoverfly yesterday on a dandelion, a few days ago I also saw my first bee of the season on the grape hyacinths.
These are some foraged vegetables from the garden, and some that I grew. They will be incorporated into some of our dinners. There is plenty of three cornered leeks, fine young nettles, some delicate sorrel leaves, some sprouting broccoli, and tender young spinach, it is all for the taking and so fresh, a delight to the palate.
And last but not least, I have started to seriously work on one of our sheds. It was so full of stuff that I could not even walk into it. Well yesterday I just started and after a few hours I was very pleased with the outcome. There’s nothing like a good day’s work in the open air and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I think spring is in the air, the birds know it, the flowers show it, and we certainly feel it! I am excited and really happy at the start of another season.

I hope that everyone stays clear of the Covid-19. Take care dear friends and followers.


    1. Thank you, yes it’s lovely to see such great signs of spring, I forgot to mention that I actually saw a butterfly in the garden this morning, I did not notice which one it was though.

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  1. Your foraged greens look so tempting, Agnes! Yesterday, I had my first outside work session since October and it felt great to be outside working in the fresh air, even if it was only cutting those cursed bittersweet vines out of trees along the trail, a Sisyphean task if there ever was one.

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    1. Yes it is lovely to feel the sun on your skin and to get that fresh air into your lungs. Wonderful. I hope that you did not have to work too hard though 🙂


      1. Yes it is. We moan about how much rain we get but it’s the rain that makes everything so vibrantly green in spring. Still, I think we could be green with a little less rain 🙂


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