Today while pruning the rosemary bush my eye caught something unusual, excitedly I grabbed my camera to try and see more of what I was seeing. It seemed to be something like a cocoon, with a perfectly round opening. And when I looked inside I saw an earwig! That is I saw what I think was the body of an earwig, it did not move, and another bit of a darker body but I could not see that properly and did not want to disturb the creature (s). I took several photos hoping some of them would show and give us more info.

Here part of the earwig can clearly be seen.
I particularly like the underside of the cocoon, it is intricately made using the pieces of fern leaf. A work of art.
Notice the intricately woven cocoon, it’s beautiful and has totally woven a leaf of a fern that grew under the large rosemary bush.
This is a very close up picture and not great but the best I could do. You can clearly see the earwig to the left I think, and some black creature to the right.

I do not know what this is that I found, I was under the impression that earwigs have nests in the soil. I’ve never come across a spider hole like this either, so it’s probably not a spider having sucked the life out of an earwig and taken it into his lair. The cocoon type of thing is only about 3cm wide.

I am really hoping to get some feedback on this, on what this is. All my life I have had to overcome a bit of a phobia about earwigs, they would always come to me, cling to me, I saw them everywhere and my washing was always full of them and I would hate finding them while ironing. But now-a-days I am very interested in finding out more about them, their lifestyle and as I hardly every see them lately, it fascinates me to find one in this position. Please if you have any ideas about what is going on in my rosemary bush do tell me in the comments πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to hear what you all think.

Here is a little update then. The day after I took photos and wrote about this I checked and found that the earwig had disappeared. I can now only see what appears to be a chrysalis and like Eliza and Marylou mentioned in their comments, it is very likely the chrysalis of a moth. My plan is now to take it inside the conservatory and keep an eye on it. I am really curious about it now. Thank you all for your interest and input.


  1. 100%zeker weet ik het niet maar denk dat het de cocon is van de harsbrulmot die maakt een soort cocon door een eitje te leggen tegen knop van naalden van den of knop van soort naalden van de rozemarijn. die eitjes groeien uit tot zwarte rupsen die nadien verpoppen tot een soort zwarte cocon. Het bouwerk groeit verder tot na de winter het bouwwerk openbreekt en harsbrulmot( een nachtvlinder )ontsnapt .Soms zie je gangetjes in het bouwwerk.Als je het vroeger ondekt had,zou je in het doorschijnende bouwwerk de rupjes hebben zien zitten

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    1. Hartelijke dank Marylou. Ondertussen heb ik dus ook ondervonden dat het een chrysalis is die in een cocoon zit, die oorworm is er al uit getrokken. Graag zou ik die nachtvlinder eens op Google vinden maar als ik het er intik komt het niet op, weet jij soms de Latijnse naam ?


    1. Hartelijke dank Marylou, ik ga dat nu eens goed uitvissen. Intussen ontdekte ik dat de pupa leeg is dus de mot is al weg gevlogen, maar ik heb foto’s van de lege pupa, zal de post nog een update geven. Spannend en weer wat bijgeleerd. πŸ™‚ Sorry I should have said this in English too. I will update my post again with some more photos and explanations.


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