I went for a little walk today, it was misty but very mild. At about three in the afternoon I stepped out wanting to enjoy the birdsong along the way. There is a little boreen (path) close by, which is flanked by rock and hedge on both sides. I find the nicest little plants there and today was no different even if it is mid-winter. The temperature is 11C which is quite normal for the time of the year here in sub-tropical West Cork (due to the gulf-stream bringing warmth to our region). There was a slight smell of some coal burning chimney’s but only slight as the breeze carried the smell away. It was great to feel the fresh breeze on my face and give my legs some movement after all the sitting down at my study the last few months. I finished my course now and I found it immensely interesting. Thank you Yale University and Coursera. I learned all about the development of Gothic architecture in Cathedral building, and read some medieval literature and history. I feel so enriched by it all and enjoyed every minute of it. It is now back to my blog writing and to my garden! Wishing everyone of my friends and followers a relaxing day and a nice Christmas.

23 thoughts on “NATURE AT MIDWINTER

  1. It is really incredible what kind of plants you saw even in winter time. Your studies really sound very interesting and I think it is always very good to learn something and keep the brain working. Thanks a lot for sharing, dear Agnes. Have a nice day, kind regards Mitza

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    1. Very demanding you are right Helen, we had weekly assignments that were peer reviewed and a lot of reading, but it was lovely. Now I can find time again to do many other things….like getting the garden into shape (at least plan for it inside ๐Ÿ™‚ and go through my notes of the Grow course again too, how did you find that course Helen?


      1. I havenโ€™t quite finished the GROW course yet, although I want to in order to find out about polycultures vs monocultures and any other useful information. It is harder to do it, knowing my comments are unlikely to be read/there is no interaction with other participants now, though.

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      2. Yes that is a problem. Come to think of it I need to return to it as there is on assignment that I still plan to do too. The one where we had to look for a problem with soil or environment in our area. I identified something but did nothing about it since. Which week are you on so Helen?


      3. Iโ€™ve just completed the section where we identify a problem in our local area actually!

        So, Iโ€™m on the last week but have a lot of that week to do. Itโ€™s good though that the course remains open, so we are not pressured into finishing by a certain date.

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  2. Merry Christmas, m’dear! You inspired me to write something, too…thank you for the like. We had no snow here for Christmas in Denver. They say later in the week, but I’ll not care, since it was not here on time…HA… I would not find such green specimens here in mid-winter. Without snow, we are high desert dry, and brown this time of year…but there is always the promise of Spring, and longer days. Did you read that David Austen died? such beauty his work with roses brought the world, eh? I shall plant a few this summer in his honor… So glad you continue to share your words and pictures…May 2019 be full and lovely for you and yours! Roxie, Highlands Ranch, CO

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    1. Thank you very much for your encouraging words Roxie, you lift my spirits. I was not actually familiar with David Austen (may he rest in peace) but looked him up, what a wealth of beautiful roses in his catalogue. I think you idea to grow a few this coming summer is a lovely one. I love roses too. Wishes of blessings and happiness for 2019!


  3. This is a Merry Extended Christmas to you, Agnes. I finally managed to post a small token of my appreciation for the material you sent me about the Irish Famine and a Christmas card. It should reach you by next Christmas. It’s been sitting near our front door for months trying to get to the post office which isn’t in outer-Siberia. It’s only down the street. They don’t call me the Procrastinator for nothing!
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year!
    Best wishes,

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