A visit to Glebe Gardens in Baltimore, West Cork, was on the agenda for a while and finally some days ago we took the opportunity to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with a delicious cup of coffee and cake, and a lovely walk through the flower gardens, the woodland, herbaceous borders, and the vegetable plots. This 5 acre garden is bordering on the sea where the Ilen river enters Roaring water Bay. Vegetables for use in the restaurant are grown organically in the gardens. Because of the vicinity being so close to the sea there is a mild micro climate which makes everything grow very lush. There are again to be found a number of sub-tropical plants, with palm trees and exotic rhododendrons among them. When you walk through the woodland and over the little bridge you come to an open grassland where there is an amphitheatre where music and other entertainment is put on regularly.  I’ve not been to anything yet but again it is on the agenda. There is an orchard and we saw several varieties of apples ready to eat and fallen from the trees too. Grapes were a plenty in the tunnel, different varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers too.

I only took a few photos as I was wearing my grandmother hat, but still got quite a collection which made it hard to pick some for my blog! (Much as I would like I never put photos of my grandchildren on internet, it is an agreement between my daughter and I).  What the children really enjoyed was the goats and chickens, finding apples in the orchard, and the open space of grassland where they spontaneously started dancing.

It is a garden offering not only beauty but also peace and tranquillity.


20170826_162351There are benches where one can have some time to relax in beautiful surroundings!  My partner and I enjoying very much.

20170826_165409This old but lovely doorway – to goodness knows where, I could not resist taking a photo of, thought it looked so lovely what with the fern growing around it too.


If you enjoyed my photos then you might like to look up more information on the Glebe itself.  When on holidays in this area it is a wonderful place to visit and have lunch or coffee, a walk in the gardens, and maybe go and enjoy some open air night time entertainment.  Here is a website:



  1. aha! I’ve always loved the feel of the work Glebe in my mouth …it’s magical all by itself…but put it with a garden! mon Dieu! that dahlia with the pink tinge…I covet it for my garden… You always inspire…thank you, once again

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      1. All is well, and my own garden has grown lush, which I do not often see here in our Colorado high desert. I planted a soft yellow floribunda rose on Father’s Day in tribute to my son-in-law who died too young in March of this year. That rose has been blooming en masse all summer long…love it. It has even survived attacks by masses of Japanese beetles; nasty little buggers sit five or six in a bloom, chomping away with impunity, until I put some traps…pretty, little suckers have been seduced by the fragrance in the trap and have been piling up away in bags away from the roses. I look forward to your next adventure!

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      2. I am very sorry to hear about your son-in-law Roxy, may he rest in peace. And what a lovely idea of yours to grow roses in tribute to him. I think that the traps are the only way to get these little buggers, and wish you lots of success with it. Roses can be so beautiful!


  2. thanks a lot, dear Agnes, that you took me with you on this wonderful walk with lots of beautiful flowers and places. Nice to see you with your partner. You look very friendly. Have a wonderful sunny day tomorrow, kind regards Mitza

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      1. I’ll go to Greece soon, dear Agnes. Can’t wait to be in the Mediterranean sun 🙂 Thanks for your always kind words and support of my blog. Kind regards Mitza

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