A few years ago my partner Ian came into the possession of an old Miller Fifer, a boat that was going to be restored to its former glory – Ian loves boats, they are his life. A smile appears on Ian’s face if he even just thinks of his Miller Fifer, yes it is delightful to see his pleasure in the boat. But for one reason and another no work was done on the boat after an initial month or two of intense work which Ian together with my ex-husband Ron did over a year ago. see link to blog post

But lately the desire to work on the boat again resurfaced and Ian got the help now of a young man, my nephew David. So after a bit of planning we finally managed to organise a couple of days work just recently. I volunteered too though I know that my help would be limited, it would consist mainly in being supportive and in running a good tea/coffee service which I gladly did being in need of that sort of thing myself too regularly. Apart from that though I brought my mask and knew that I would have the job of sanding some of the very neglected and in need of much TLC woodwork – the cabin especially seems in need of a lot of this. I also cleaned up the inside of the boat as it was a mess. I found many tools half rusted and decided to put them in a Coca-Cola bath. The boys worked hard, they also enjoyed their rolls and egg salad and copious cups of tea. At the end of the two days a lot was achieved and more planning for the next step was done. I’m very please too, though it is not really my project – it is good to be part of the team and to see good results.

The deck in need of much TLC, wood preserver, and paint or varnish.  Sanding will be a big job here.  I for one am going to take care of the cabin (as much as I can).

As can be seen the inside of the Miller Fifer needs quite a bit of work to it, but order was needed above all so that we could see how to proceed.

Tools in the Coca-Cola and scrapers ready to be used by me.

The boys at their lunch, and during a rain shower we sat in the car drinking tea.

I took to finding spots of rot, only a few but I documented it all on photos so as to have an overview.  The rotten bits will have to be replaced.

Ian, David and I hard at work.  Worst of all are the paint fumes – I so dislike, luckily its outside and there was a breeze.

Silhouette of the Miller Fifer and its bow, nice lines and great photo opportunity, I can never resist it.


    1. It has huge sails, but there was a motor too which Ian took out and he has not decided what to put in an electric one maybe. Its for the sea around here mainly but I think that it might just be sitting at the bank of the river, at my nephew’s property.

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