Half way through August in Ireland is already considered to be ‘late’ summer. Some years the month of August would bring autumn-like storms and lots of rain with chilly evenings, but this year, however, it has been warm, yes even warmer than usual, and the past few days the temperature has reached into the twenties (C). It’s just a lovely time of the year I think.
I’ve been away for a while and now that I am back the first thing I did was to go and have a good look around my garden. I have a lot to consider because in another few weeks we will be away for several months and though the house will be lived in, the garden will not be looked after. So there is planning to be done, so that when we arrive home again I can start planting and sowing straight away.

Here is what I found in the garden at present:
Still beautiful flowers, I love hydrangeas, especially the blue coloured types.  These won’t need any attention as they are perennials, so they grow from year to year, all they might need is a little pruning.

Though the start of the summer brought very few insects, lately the garden has been full of them, bees, bumblebees, beetles, all sorts of flies, and so on, also the ants are ever present. The insect hotel has been quite occupied it seems and that is encouraging.

Seeds are starting to ripen.  Here in the garden it is the evening primrose plant and the thistle especially that are ripening fast, both of which I want to save for sharing later with my local GIY group.  The seeds of the thistle of course I grew especially for the gold finch, so far I have not seen any but the they will come, they do every year.

I used the last of my comfrey tea and the barrel is ready for another brew, fortunately the comfrey grows enormously fast and another large plant is ready to use to this end.  The straw I have put in the two cold frames on top of cardboard, this will help to prepare the soil for next year, and keep stuff growing there.  Montbretia flowers still brighten up corners here and there in the wild areas.

The garden is still gifting us with raspberries which are sweet and tasty, I also love the tansy flowers and of course the white hydrangeas at the back of the garden which this year are giving an amazing display.

This is an update of sorts, I needed to have this on record above all, and it has done me good, if anything, writing about my garden, and taking the photos is a really relaxing activity for me, I enjoy it very much and that has got to be good.


  1. Lovely and lively too! What ever is the pic in second to last group, upper left corner? I was eyeing an insect hotel at TK Maxx and didn’t buy…hoping it is there on my trip to mainland next week. Thanks for sharing your colourful abundance, great photos as always. Melissa

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    1. Hi Melissa, that photo is of my comfrey brew almost empty bin, yes I know it does look confusing 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my pics and stuff. Hope you are keeping well, and by the way the insect hotel is really worth it, I think mine was filled totally during this summer, it is so cool.

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    1. To be honest Helen, the fact that I did not plant anything in my garden because I knew we would only be here for about three months, I missed my gardening very much. I did learn a few things though about the plants that came growing in my soil, it is always interesting to see what would just come up.


      1. Yes, your timeframe would have made it more difficult to set up a summer garden, that’s for sure. But the garden is always full of surprises, isn’t it?

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    1. It is the beauty of it, letting it happen and seeing what does happen, lots actually. I’ve got a container garden planned for next winter on Gozo, we will have a conservatory and a terrace, it will again be an experiment I think.

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  2. It’s hard to leave a garden, isn’t it Agnes? Yours didn’t suffer too much with your being away; credit to your planning. I make ‘insect hotels’ with sections of the bamboo that I grow. 🙂

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  3. It was really very nice to make a walk in your garden with you virtually, dear Agnes. We also have some blackberries and big blueberries, so I have to cook jam in the next days. Our summer has been very cold and rainy and I’m looking forward to spending a month in Greece in September. Have a good time wherever you are, kind regards Mitza


  4. Your garden is absolutely lovely. Thank-you so much for sharing all the beautiful pictures, along with the truly interesting information. Here’s hoping your weather stays great at least a good while longer.

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    1. Thank you David, and how are you keeping? Hope you are well and enjoying life. As we speak it has become very windy here and overcast but I guess it’s temporary so no complains 🙂


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