Growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and wild plants in the coastal area of the Beara peninsula where everything is very lush and producing wonderfully right now. I have attempted a small video to show some of the beauty and produce. Sorry no sound as I do not have copy right to the music that I would want to put on this video. Enjoy I hope.


  1. It is a beautiful setting but I love the look of those yellow raspberries. We don’t have them here but I ate my fill of them when I was a Hedgebrook writer in residence on Whidbey Island, Washington USA.

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    1. For some reason I did not see your comment Mary, apologies for late reply.
      So nice to have you on board, very useful your knowledge about fruits and orchards, that is apart from you being you of course. You have travelled quite a bit haven’t you Mary, always nice to compare which plants grow where, I find that very interesting too. Kind regards, Agnes

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  2. One discovers how big the Earth is and how diverse its population of plants and people when one travels. Only people who flies about spending a few days here and there or those who believe that the world lies under their finger tips on the keyboard say it’s a small world. Still I am doing my share of armchair travelling these days 🙂 Mx

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