In fact I took these photos with my mobile phone, I was not expecting to take any photos while walking along the shore with Ian this evening, but glad that I did.

The day was beautiful, the sea very calm, there was a peacefulness about the place here as shops and many businesses closed after lunch because of the Good Friday church services,  many locals were around in their Sunday best, and yet there was a lot of activity among the fishermen, they were sorting their nets, some little boats left the harbour and others arrived with their catch, nets were spread out to dry on the concrete, and as the evening approached I saw the fishermen sitting together talking and enjoying the rest. There were fewer tourist around today, especially this evening it became very quiet. We had a restful day ourselves, it was good to reflect after the huge amount of images we took in yesterday. One of these days soon we will go to visit Gozo the little island off Malta.


This photo reminds me of the painting of the Angelus by Jean-Francois Millet-but don’t ask me why!


Lacy parasols for sale







17 thoughts on “PAINTING WITH A CAMERA

  1. Fabulous photos, Agnes. I too am a mobile phone photographer and find it does the job well. I would definitely invest in a parasol; useful here in Sydney but perhaps not so much for you back home? 🙂

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  2. The phone still takes wonderful pictures. You capture the colour of the sea nicely.The lacy parasols will be great for keeping the sun off but I don’t see a great use for it back home unless you know in advance the summer will be great.
    Have a lovely Easter.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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