During last night and today there was a strong wind blowing here, I believe it is called the ‘Sirocco’ a Mediterranean wind that brings fine brown dust from the Sahara sands, everything was covered this morning in this brown stuff and I felt it during the night, could smell it actually and my eyes were stinging a little. The wind blew strongly but was warm, it was pleasant to walk out in it. This afternoon when more storm clouds gathered I got to sort my recent photos of this village and came across some that looked better in black and white, so here goes I am posting some of them.








  1. It’s amazing how atmospheric the black and white photographs can be. Is it merely the absence of colour or our own nostalgia? Will you buy an apron, or an umbrella? Or will you take home only memories?

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    1. 🙂 a good question my friend, which will I bring home, the apron or the umbrella? I don’t think the apron! About black and white photography one wonders, it could well be like you say our own nostalgia, but apart from that the sometimes stark contrast can be very effective and beautiful.

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  2. With black and white photo’s everything is brought back to it’s essence, it is a contrast of two extremities and multiple layers of grey in between, it is part nostalgia, part clarity.

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    1. The storm is over, the dust has settled 🙂 and everyone is preparing for Easter celebrations here. Not sure if the water is warm enough to swim Mitza. Wishing you a lovely Easter time too.

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