Today I will just post some of the flowers that I have come across so far, and I’m in a village, I have not been out in the country yet, so I know there is much more to explore when it comes to Malta’s flora yet. I have taken these photo mainly while walking around the village, some in the wild, some in the front gardens of the people, all are equally beautiful and interesting. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.  Names I do not know but some of the flowers I recognise from India, Greece, or Mauritius.  Thanks to my friend, Mary, she identified the delicate blue flower as Plumbago – a native of South Africa.



Sicilian Marigold – Calendula Sicula











Blossom of the lemon tree
Blossom of the lemon tree


    1. It is lovely to see them Mary, we do not grow any of these outside in Ireland, only in pots inside or greenhouses. I am in love with those delicate pale blue flowers, must find out what they are.

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      1. Yes you are right, it is the African Plumbago, a native of South Africa, it’s latin name is Auriculata Celestina. Thank you so much Mary, I have now found a Google book, the flora of the Maltese islands, that should be useful.

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    1. Yes that is how it seems to be, one needs to know the ‘native’ flowers and plants but so far I have not done any research on the flora of Malta. It is said that long ago Malta was a landbridge between Africa and Europe when the seas were much lower…. even animals like elephants are said to have travelled between continents at that time, plants will have too. But the US is of course a bit further away 🙂

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      1. I was wondering how the plants might have got to Malta. Of course, they could have been introduced by people but I didn’t know the Mediterranean was sometimes low enough to enable passage without boats from Africa.

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