I had a look at what’s growing right now in my garden, just before I am going away for a while. There are still quite a few vegetables doing well and looking rather lovely and fresh. Mainly leeks, purple flowering broccoli, some Brussels sprouts, kale, round white radishes, some beetroots, and chives, rosemary, lavender, sage, oregano, tansy, comfrey, lady’s mantle, hypericum, and mint. The three corned wild leeks and the goosegrass have come up as they do every year, so though the garden does look very disorganised and a bit dismal, there is still a lot happening.

Included in my plans for this year are a lot more flowers, the borage has already made a little bit of an appearance, and I am happy about that because that plant attracts so many bees and other insects.  This is going to be most important this coming summer.  I have bought some seeds, but mainly for a good deal I will have to rely on buying plants this year as I wont’ be here to do much sowing.  Fine that is no problem around here, there are many plant sellers on the weekly market, their plants are good, grown organically and I’ve used them on and off for years.  I am relying on some other bloggers to find out about advice on which flowers are best for our bees, butterflies and insects in general.  Like what I read tonight about Bee Catnip-Mountain Mint on

Here some very pretty veggies in the garden right now.  And today  I saw my first bumblebee, a good start.  I was with my grandchildren for the weekend and we all did some sowing and some potato planting, it was a good all round, and delightful to hear their comments on growing vegetables.








  1. my oh my, how I envy you the mild conditions, that allow for plants to grow over winter. Here we still have to wait a little longer, by the looks of it. For last week, there were spring temperatures forcast, but they never came…

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  2. your garden is far ahead of ours, dear Agnes. You must have warmer weather in Ireland. It looks like a nice vegetable soup what you have there. Hope you are doing fine, have a great day, kind regards Mitza

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  3. Gorgeous greens there. I haven’t sown a thing yet. Not sure if it’s patience or lack of time, but I’m feeling pretty ok about it. Usually am ahead of myself then have a tunnel full of pots containing plants desperate to get their roots in the ground without the weather to support their urge. Hope you’re having wonderful time away.

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    1. We have just arrived late last night in Malta, oh my gosh but it is beautiful, lots to tell and many photos already but too tired tonight to gather my thoughts correctly 🙂


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