This morning a glorious sun rose over the hills to the East, a bright blue sky welcomed me from my dream-filled sleep. The grass fields across the valley looked like well ironed patches, smooth and very green. And in the garden there I found jewels. Jewels because it had frozen during the night, but already the thaw had set in, some of the vegetables and little plants were still beautifully laced with ice.Β  Texture and colour,Β a feast for the eye.
A precious new morning, a beautiful new day.
I feel energized from this sunshine,
something to be very grateful for.

22 thoughts on “FROSTY MORNING

  1. Lovely pics esp. with the touch of frost, one can almost feel the melting cold on the fingers. Makes me wonder if they’re experiencing similar weather in my old homeland: Brittany. Here in SW B.C., Canada, climate change has wrought a lot of changes. No ice coating, no snow, no hoarfrost this year. I did catch some pictures of ice patterns on the Hope river a year ago last January though. I should post some in my blog. How did you choose your blog name, Gaiainaction? Intriguing.

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    1. Thank you Sha’Tara, for your kind comment. We have had very little frost too, and hardly no sunshine, that is why I was especially happy this morning. I cannot remember how I chose my blog name but it had something to do with when starting my blog it was going to be a blog about me growing organic and learning permaculture, and living a sustainable life. But while we do the sowing and planting, it is Gaia herself making things grow, so in a way it is Gaia in action.


  2. These are lovely, especially the purple blue frosted flower. I took some photos also but hadn’t gotten around to posting them with work all week. I am now inspired to do so. Your header picture is also very gorgeous. What is the view of?

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    1. Thank you, yes the blue flower is a particular lovely blue and the flower is a primrose from last year, but it was half eaten, though I did not mind. The photo of the view is actually would you believe it, a view from our back garden, we live urban but in the country, just outside Skibbereen town and above it, the town is in the valley. I love this view too. The hill is Pound Hill and behind it is the Atlantic ocean. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful country πŸ™‚

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