“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

End of year 2015 in nature
End of year 2015 in nature

But in the ending of one year is the beginning of another, and I’m spending these last days of 2015 to reflect over the last few months, and to make goals for 2016, it’s exciting, and it’s wonderful. Saying goodbye to some things that I’m leaving behind and looking forward to plans for the months ahead.

2016 is hopefully going to be a year of friends for me, making time for my friends, meeting over coffee, making a point of giving them a ring.
And it’s going to be a year of yoga, back into my yoga practice on a daily basis, and enjoying. It’s also going to be a year of more walks. Because during 2015 I got my life back, the condition that I was diagnosed with three years ago and that robbed me of so much energy I’m now able to manage and has quietened down so much, yes I’ve got my life back and I’m so thankful for that.

And I’m looking forward to a lot of blogging, and reading lots of interesting blogs of all of you, and so much more.

So much to be thankful for.


At mid winter time

a fresh new cone on our little Korean fir tree

a snowy landscape during one of the colder winters some years ago

a star coming straight from India

dear friends all over the world

the library where I worked

our once delightful cat ‘Goldberg’ licking the cream, a special  treat

our bird table under snow

and candles in the fireplace.

Great memories, lots of people in there too, times spent with my family, in India with the children of the orphanage, with friends, always wishing for a more peaceful world.  Enjoying walks in nature, exchanging gifts, listening to beautiful music, and just generally having a wonderful time.  Mid-winter is a magical time, it’s lovely when it comes around.

So I would like to wish all my dear friends, followers, and everyone, Peace, Joy, and happiness at this time and always.

Blessings all year round.


I went picking some greenery to make a wreath and flower piece this afternoon, close by there is a boreen ( Irish word for a little pathway with lots of greenery), and during the year I saw lots of ivy growing there, some of which won’t be damaged by a little pruning, so I set out to cut some and bring it in for decoration. There was ivy with lots of the most beautiful berries, some quite dark and bright green. There was also quite a bit of gorse in flower, these bright yellow flowers are usually open end of January but already they are fully in bloom. Then I spotted some of the last Hawthorn berries, the birds have so much food in this mild winter that there are many berries left for them. The beautiful red berries stand out lovely against the dark green of the foliage. At home I raided some of our cotoneaster hedge very profuse with fruits this year, and I picked some ivy and holly from along the hedges.

I know that I am too late to make an advent wreath which is what I normally would do but that is for the four Sundays before Christmas, so I will just make a wreath for the front door, and a piece for the dining room table. Candles and greenery do make it for me around this time of the year, and pine cones!

Tomorrow is mid-winter and the days will start to lengthen, this winter more than most has been very dark, we will all welcome the light again.



I dream of a world where old and homeless people are cherished and cared for by all those around them, and where those elderly people give of their wisdom to the younger generation, nourishing them too.
I am sure that humankind is capable of this without exception.

Then we won’t have to see these sad and homeless elderly walking the city’s streets, begging.

This, the woman with the sad face, she was not getting a good response to her begging – I wondered what her story was? How she ended up homeless, she could barely walk or stand on her legs. A taxi driver told me those begging in the street are the homeless. Suffering a sad and lonely existence.

I wish her warmth and sustenance over the cold winter nights, and all like her.


While being driven through the late night lit up streets of the city the above thoughts went through my mind, the buildings solid and heavy, the serious looking people, the streets wide and straight, it all gave the impression of things being grounded.  Solid.
I loved it straight away and my extended walk around the old town of Pest did not disappoint the next day. I immediately noticed that even though the buildings appeared ‘heavy’ they were far from it. A variety of architectural styles;  neo-classical, neo-renaissance, neo-baroque, and  art nouveau.  Many beautiful buildings to be seen. I visited the St. Stefan Basilica first, all around it there were Christmas market stalls, the ambience was very pleasant. The basilica was impressive, the lightning gave just the right feel for the beautiful arches, capitals, the cupola, and other features, I took quite a few photos. When leaving, as I walked down the steps the bells rang out over the town, a sound that I truly love and enjoyed.
I wandered around part of the old town, looking up more than down and was amazed and delighted to see the ornate windows everywhere, again I tried to document some of these features as I’m quite fascinated by them.
This was only a three day visit to Budapest, we did not get to see the other part of the city which is called Buda and is across the river Danube. But we will return in May next year, looking forward to see and find out more.

As for the people, lovely and very polite, but more about that in another blog.  And plenty more photos too.  I’ve sure come away with nice memories.


I would just like to thank all my followers, many of whom have become much more than just people who follow my blog, they have become friends, and I am touched by your words, and what goes on in your lives, and for that I am thankful and happy.

It is good to connect with others.
I will probably be absent from blogging as I will go travelling tomorrow for the week. Gathering more photos, experiences and ideas to share. Looking forward to reconnect and read much of what I have missed.



A golden sun was setting soon after four thirty this evening, it had been a dark day but, as often happens, around sunset the sun came out and like a wizard transformed everything with a golden glow. The roses which are still flowering abundantly took on a magical luminosity, that’s the only way I can describe what I saw, it was magical, I was so happy that I happen to glance out through the window and saw what was going on. This made my evening and banished for a while the sad thoughts going through my head with what is happening in the larger world right now, how whole families and little children are now looking at these same skies scared of what is to come, scared of, not a beautiful sunset, but of what destruction and death may be coming their way. I’m learning to find peace deep inside me so that I can be strong in sharing out peaceful thoughts in the hope that it will help bring about peace on a larger scale. Is this possible? I am not sure, but ‘peace’ does start with each one of us, in our immediate circle, in ourselves.
Let there be only peace!