Today during my walk around town, I took some more photos to add to my photo database on Skibbereen town.  I have made this place my own since I came to live here in the nineteen-eighties.  A small market town in West Cork, it has a population of about two thousand.  There is quite a bit of history attached to this town, as is natural of course.  The river Illen runs through it and is a great asset and could be made an even greater focal point.  Anyway, Skibbereen has so much to offer, it has a well run and active Art Centre, beautiful shops, even seven charity shops, and it is quite close to the coast.  I have so much I would like to see happening in the future planning of this town.

So I started to make a collection of photos of all sort of corners and angles of this lovely place, actually I have not even started yet when I think of how much I can still do.  It makes my walks interesting, a great hobby of mine.  Town planning and architecture has always interested me, when I used to paint water colours many years ago I was always excited about townscapes, the shapes of roofs and little corners, so pleasing to the eye.

23 thoughts on “A SMALL TOWN IN WEST CORK

  1. I think my village has a bigger population than your small town. Yet it seems so much better serviced (eg number of shops), though I guess if all the take-always here were closed down, people might buy more from shops.

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    1. Yes this is a rather small town, it is charming, though it also has traffic jams! There are lots of little shops but during the 2008 downturn in the economy a lot of the businesses became bust and many young people emigrated unfortunately. Around Christmas this town becomes lively again, that is why I love this time of year, many of the young (and older) people return to the town to visit family, the streets are bustling and lovely decorations everywhere.


    1. It has cooled just very recently and the temperature today was only 5C, there is snow on the mountains in the distance. I am sitting in front of a big fire (stove) and it is lovely and cosy inside. Have a lovely weekend too, keep warm!

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      1. Well, that I can answer in short, but I have many ideas and reasons. I would like there to be less cars, they are parked all over and the traffic system is not practical for example there are more one way streets needed to give a better flow of traffic. Then the town needs a heart, today that is not really there and yet could be developed as there is an area suitable for it. It needs pedestrian only areas and at least one of the streets. So more parking across the river, and more space for people to sit and talk, a place to be – not rush in and out. A place not for cars, but for people, (now it is like one big carpark). Beautifying the town with nice stone pavements also is a good idea. If people respect themselves they respect their surroundings, and the other way round too. This is all important. And yet it is a quant town, it has enormous potential. 🙂

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      2. Yes, and thank you for asking the question Jan. I do plan to find out who is running the town (last summer the town council was taken away from all small towns in Ireland), and discuss some of my visions 🙂

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      3. ahhh . . . very true . . . I live in a town of 2100 and sometimes personalities simply vie for control. In any case, it is great that you are inspired to renew the local spirit and public space!

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