While walking along the ring road at Skibbereen today, in a landscape beautifully lit up by an October sun in November, I was amazed how many bright berries I could see. Well done Cork County Council for planting these shrubs some years ago, they have all grown very well and the variety of berries is just brilliant. Cars were flying by but with a view of the town, and the river Illen it is all very picturesque and a great walk to get into condition with – about two kilometres all round.
So I set about to identify my shrubs tonight.  I am not familiar with many shrubs at all. And I was so delighted to find that one of the shrubs was the Sea buckthorn.  Some years ago I bought a bottle of the oil of this berry, and here they are growing in front of my eyes and I did not know about it. The shrub is beautiful with very slender grey/green silvery leaves, and the bright orange berries are clustered among the branches. During my research I came across another wordpress blogger, she had a recipe for buckthorn pie on her blog and I decided to copy the link as some people might find this interesting.
I am glad to find out more about the buckthorn berry as it is yet another food source, and something to experiment with, one can make a hand cream and I guess much more besides, I read health tonics, and cosmetics.
The berry is said to be very nutritious, containing high levels of anti-oxidants.
The shrubs are very touch, grows easy, and are thought not to need much water. They can even tolerate salt thrown on roads for the ice in winter.

The dogwood is growing along the road here also, it’s red branches are most beautiful in winter, I remember seeing them last year, wishing for snow of course as then the red branches will look brilliant against the white snow.


Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)


This is probably Viburnum Opulus”  (Guelder rose)

20151106_134155     20151106_134209

Dogwood (Cornus alba) berries and flower

20151106_134819    20151106_134642

This is probably cotoneaster and the wild rosehip everyone is familiar with.


  1. The sea buckthorn berries are wonderful food. We have them in the garden and though they did not produce many berries this year, last year I made a lovely warming drink from them by just mashing the berries with a fork and adding hot water, and then straining. A friend has told me if you freeze the berries briefly it removed the bitterness:)

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    1. Apparently the berries are used to distil in an oil which might be used for pains in one’s limbs. Also used in making cosmetics and apparently you can make a pie from then – the link on my blog is for a recipe 🙂
      The Dogwood is another shrub though Helen.


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