Yesterday I nearly had a disaster with my blog, not realising that if you delete photos from your media library, that they also disappear from your actual blog entries, I started to delete very energetically. Luckily I discovered in time that something was not right. I was told to up-grade – my kind partner Ian treated me to the update for the year, I am very happy that I can keep going, and also I only need to replace photos of my first month of blogging which was August 2014, that is easily done. So now I’ve got 13GB instead of 3GB to play around with.

Today it was quite nice out despite the soft rain and heavy clouds. I went and looked at my overgrown garden to check what I needed to do first, so I set to trimming the overgrown hedge along side one of the raised beds that I am also putting in order. This year was my first year in permaculture, not sure if I got it quite right, since I was not able to do much gardening (instructing and keeping an eye on my wild plants that like to grow more vigorously than my vegetables), due to family visits and reunions.
There has been a lot of growth, a lot of the larger herbal plants have been trashed down by rain and wind, so it all looks a bit messy. I am reluctant to cut down the large comfrey as it is full of flowers and bees visit constantly, this is important. The feverfew is beautifully in flower, but the wind has also slashed it down, and the lady’s mantel the same. I cut one hedge and got rid of the branches and leaves on the compost heap. Then I got side tracked into the shed, as anyone can remember I am making a big effort to clean out my two ancient sheds. One was used by my now ex-husband when he still had the roofing business, there is still stuff in there that needs to go. I got quite a bit sorted, and while dealing with an old press riddled with woodworm I came across this spider. I thought that it was a lace web spider but I could be wrong. So took some photos. I then discovered that a lettuce which had gone to seed had black lice on the stem, and found that there were also quite a few ants running over them, maybe they eat them?

Yesterday I also noticed that I am getting flowers on my bitter gourd plants which delights me, one experiment going real well 🙂

This blog entry is a ramble, and that is exactly how I feel about my garden right now, it’s overgrown and so lush and green, it’s amazing, making me feel a little puffed and wondering will I ever get it sorted again, but then it is good the way it is, so much to discover, so full of life. It is all good. It’s a job finding some vegetables among it all though, but slowly things are coming along (those that were not eaten by you know what!)

And that brings me to some new books I got in the library this morning. They both look interesting. The one about the companion planting especially will be useful, the other one is just for inspiration. I find that books always inspire me so much, I let them too, and choose them carefully. We are lucky to have a good library, and of course there is always Amazon, and second hand bookstores around which are lovely to browse through.

Lush summer growth flattened by wind and rain.

DSCF8602 - Copy     DSCF8609

Black currants, and some of my sweet peas growing among the edible peas.

DSCF8604 - Copy    DSCF8596

Garlic nearly ready to harvest, and the peas which also suffered from the rains but are doing fine.


Variety of herbs, all fighting for space it seems.

DSCF8726    DSCF8728

So blessed with a good library!

DSCF8625    DSCF8710

One of my precious bitter gourd flowers, and the hypericum flower.

DSCF8698     DSCF8694

The black lice with the ants, and the lace web spider (I think)

13 thoughts on “LUSH SUMMER GARDEN

  1. Beware of that delete button in the media library! I always make sure the photo I’m deleting is not attached to a post (check the columns to the right) but that’s not always so clear as some photos in galleries aren’t indicated as “attached”.

    Could be the ants are feeding on the honeydew from the plant lice.

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    1. Thank you, good thinking, and yes I think so too the ants always feed on sweet stuff don’t they. It was interesting to see this.

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      1. You’re welcome!

        I’ve seen big red and black ants tending tiny aphids on tree twigs. The aphids are smaller than the ants’ jaws but they get honeydew without hurting them.

        You’re plants are way ahead of mine but that’s the climate difference coming into play. But my beans are starting to climb their twine and tomato plants have more flowers. The weeds are doing fine and I was been pulling them out from among the cabbage and beets a little while ago.

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      2. The joys of it all 🙂 I do like most ‘weeds’ as I find use for them, but all of a sudden they are everywhere. Wishing you a lovely harvest later on.

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      3. Thank you! A lot of the weeds I pulled up in the beans were once garden crops: tomatillos and purple goosefoot. Now they self sow and I thin them out in handfuls. Don’t really need 100’s of them for a good harvest. Well, break time is over and it’s back to weeding.

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    1. Well Helen it’s this way. Thanks for asking. I’ve always been interested in wild herbs and what people call ‘weeds’, also in medicinal and edible plants. So when my partner last year suggested to me why did I not try permaculture (he is familiar with it), I started an online course (lectures in video form) to inform myself about it. I found out that in permaculture for example you mix your plants, your vegetables and your wild plants (which come to grow by themselves anyway), and you let them all grow together, This appealed to me and as I have many dandelions growing wild (and I use them for food) I thought it a good idea to let them grow among the peas, and the beans etc… Its an experiment and I have a lot to learn, so far so good.


      1. Yes and many other so-called weeds too. I have a lot to learn but it’s all good and much of what I do is experimenting 🙂


  2. Thanks for the alert about deleting photos from the library; I’ve done it – sigh. I will let it be. Too late to go back to the posts to find what I’d done. Life’s too short.

    Your comfrey is great to get the compost going so if it’s too large just harvest the leaves and give your compost heap a boost. Yes, the ants ‘farm’ the aphids; I just squash them or if they are too numerous, spray with home made white oil (500ml water to 5 ml of vegetable oil plus a drop of dishwashing detergent, shake well before use).

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    1. Thank you for the tips Mary. I cut down a lot of the comfrey today as it was flattened by the rain, but it is already full of young new shoots too. Haha, it’s a constant fight against the slugs and other greedy eaters, but then I always grow some extra for them too.

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