Sunday morning and a walk around the garden was definitely called for. What I like so much about this garden is that even though it is very small, it has got quite a few little corners that are very special. Take this large fern for example, it came to grow there all by itself, all I do is give it water when it’s quite dry, and it is a glorious plant, it grows under the Mediterranean oak tree in a wild part of the garden. Then there is the lemon balm that grows under a stump of the chestnut tree, the foxgloves that came to grow in one of the bottom beds, and closer to the house there is the borage and sage which again when together look so charming. I love all these little corners, they give a special feel to the garden. We started to develop this garden some 35 years ago when we bought the house, it was nothing more than a field full of nettles and other wild plants. My daughter and I grew the large chestnut tree from a conker, the birch and pine tree we picked up along the hedgerow, and the Mediterranean oak came as a seedling from a friend. Some of the stone structures are old now, some overgrown and the water tap is almost impossible to reach, but it all has character and the feeling is good. It definitely is a mature garden by now, though the raised bed are very recent. And so things get added and changed according to what is needed, a garden is a living thing, so good to have, such a blessing to work in.

DSCF7849    DSCF7843


DSCF7844    DSCF7848


16 thoughts on “SECRET GARDEN

    1. Getting back into the swing of things Mitza, got many photos but my thoughts are still in chaos after all the last months family events. It’s all good, hope you are fine too.

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      1. yes, Agnes, thanks I’m fine, too, had my birthday on Thursday. Our garden is full of blooming roses, spectacular, trees overgrown with roses, hundreds of little pink pompom flowers and a wonderful smell. It’s paradise. Regards Mitza

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  1. My garden is wild and getting beyond me as well. Family events had to take precedence. As you say, it is a living thing and a joy to be part of, regardless of how neglected it may look to our own eyes. Beautiful, Agnes!

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    1. Thank you Cynthia, haha I made a good start this morning, and then it started to pour with rain, and now everything is in deep mist 🙂

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  2. I loved this description of your little garden. The best plants and trees are those heavy with the meaning of having been grown from seed (or conker!), recycled from someone else’s garden, gifts, divided perennials and volunteers. They prove, as you say, the bounty of nature.

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    1. Dear Francis, when you commented on this particular entry of my blog ‘secret garden’ yesterday, I noticed that several of my photos were missing, a mistake that I made with deleting some photos in my media library. So thanks to you I have now restored these photos, and am working on some others in other entries. Thank you and have a restful Sunday.

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      1. I did notice that but thought it was my internet connection taking forever to load a batch of photos – decided to comment anyway on the strength of your words and just imagine that the pics supported the story. I’ll go back and have the enjoyment of both!

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