A lone rook comes to check out what is on offer this evening in the garden.


He thinks there might be a good meal to be had, and he takes a taste.

DSCF7829     DSCF7834

Soon he is devouring and making a big hole in the pizza which was left on the table (unsuitable for human consumption.)

.DSCF7827    DSCF7826

A few more come checking it out, and soon, in less than ten minutes the whole meal was finished, polished off.


The crow family, and in this case the rooks, are scavengers, anything I cannot compost gets eaten by them in the wink of an eye.  Thank you crows, rooks, and jackdaws for your excellent service to us humankind.

10 thoughts on “STALE PIZZA FOR DINNER

  1. Enjoyed the pizza party. In addition to tidying up, they are quite clever birds and fun to watch when they are after something they want.

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    1. Totally Angela, love these birds though they seem to be thought of as ‘dark’, but no they are very amusing. I only don’t like it when they chase my smaller birds away.


      1. I put two sets of feeders at opposite corners of the yard and it seems to have solved that. The small ones in front rotate annoyingly when the big fellows try to land on them. They stick to the larger feeders in the back which are sturdily fastened. Smart birds, as I said.

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    1. And you too Mitza. I’m going to be away for the week, to my native land, together with my sister, for the week. Might not get a chance to post but will catch up a week later. Take care.

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