Lough Hyne is a salt water lake some 10 minutes away from Skibbereen town in West Cork. The lake is surrounded by a wooded hill on the one side, and is connected to the Atlantic by a narrow gorge (tidal channel) called ‘the rapids’ on the other side. The lake is a marine reserve, very interesting wildlife is found there. I’ve seen seals there too, head bobbing up and down in the water. People swim and do other water sports there. A good link to more information is here:
The flowers around the lake are beautiful and some species I have not found elsewhere around Skibbereen. It’s a lovely picnic area too for families.



DSCF7808    DSCF7824

DSCF7814  DSCF7800  DSCF7780  DSCF7794



DSCF7788  DSCF7790

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