Cleared away the destroyed Borage plant today, but before I took it all away to the compost I had to get a nice bouquet to be enjoyed still by the bees and us too. I had left it on the patio table, and the bumblebees did come and feasted on the pollen of the still fresh enough flowers. It broke my heart almost to have to cut it all down, but then I remembered that the comfrey plant is also fully in flower now and has plenty of pollen for the insects, bees and all. Took some pics of the lovely bumblebees, and some other creatures that came across my path today.

Somewhere else in the garden, another borage plant is already getting big and is flowering.

To date I have not used the borage flowers for producing anything really, and I am not even sure what I would make, but it is supposed to be used in a skin cream. It’s ok because I cannot try everything at the same time, there is so very much that one can use and make with plants, and there is so much information about it all these days, interesting books, like for example, Sof McVeigh’s ‘Treat Yourself Natural’ which gives many ideas and recipes for making and using things out of the garden. A book beautifully produced and well recommended.



DSCF7681   DSCF7696



DSCF7683  DSCF7682

These creatures, a wood lice, and a little red mite were hidden under a stone that I disturbed today.

8 thoughts on “ODE TO BORAGE FLOWERS

    1. Brilliant, I knew that I was going to get interesting comments on this. I love the plant, always have. Thank you for the tip, will try 🙂

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  1. It’s like you’re in another climate…can’t believe your borage is past. Ours only has first blooms starting.
    Borage is very pretty used for cake and bun decorating and for floating in a summer punch/iced tea.

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  2. I’m also obsessed with borage. The flowers are delicious to me and I snack on them while gardening all the time. They also make an excellent water meter around citrus trees. When the leaves begin to wilt, it’s time to water the oranges and lemons!

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