Spent some time in the garden today, the sun was out and there was some heat even during the afternoon. Some of the plant are doing well and flowering beautifully. I only noticed three insects, two bumblebees and on sort of a fly, very beautiful and I took a shot of it. Some other plants, especially the green beans and the sweet peas are not growing at all, they have been transplanted a month or so ago and still no growth, perhaps not enough heat or sun. But the lady’s mantel, the chives and the nasturtiums are flowering fully now, a lovely lush display. The other vegetable that is thriving is the flowering broccoli, which is telling me something, if the brassicas are going to do well, then brassicas I will grow. Today I also read in a newsletter of the GIY (Grow it yourself) organisation that this season best to grow things in the poly tunnels. So today I cleared one of the mini tunnels so that I can put them to better use. Gardening is a constant improving and learning isn’t it, challenging but rewarding too.

“Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. Beauty arises when soul is satisfied.”
Amit Ray

Unidentified fly

DSCF7660   DSCF7653

Chives and strawberry flowers


My comfrey flowers

DSCF7623  DSCF7626

Red currants and raspberries

DSCF7618   DSCF7637

The flowering broccoli and the struggling sweet peas


  1. Lovely photos, particularly live the chive and comfrey. I’m pretty sure the fly is a hoverfly but can’t tell you which one!

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    1. Thank you very much, yes love them too. So a hoverfly, I will check it further, at least now I know where to start 🙂

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  2. wonderful garden, nearly like ours. I already harvested rhubarb and made jam with strawberries, hope your garden will continue to grow beautifully, regards Mitza

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