Just picked some Marigold flowers which I will put on oil for a few weeks and then make into an ointment which is so beneficial to the skin. But the fun is mostly in growing, harvesting, and the making of the ointment.  Up to now I have not made very much in this line, yet the hedgerow and garden is full of potential teas, potions, ointments waiting for someone to experiment.  It’s great to have this as a goal, something to get better at.  All along I have harvested my own teas, especially hawthorn, red clover, nettle, and many more, and I have made oils (as in soaking flowers in oil for some weeks), so now the next step is ointments, and I have found the beeswax that I need for it.

A nice thing to think about while recovering from a norovirus and not having energy for much else.


5 thoughts on “ENGLISH MARIGOLDS

  1. that’s wonderful, Agnes. I did this kind of oil, too, some years ago. It is some kind of homeopathic, gets warm on the skin from all the sun-energy. I hope you will recover soon from this virus, regards Mitza

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  2. Get well soon…. The marigolds have such a lovely colour – I hope mine flourish so I can make something with them, too. I hope your ointment works well.

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