This evening after my grandson Ruben had gone home I went for my daily check around the garden, everyday there is something else that is wonderful and amazing. Today it was the scent of the bean flowers which I noticed while observing them, a faint sweet scent. The bean flowers themselves are doing great, it promises to be a good crop I think, lucky for us as we both love the broad beans. The overall view of my vegetable beds is one of very lush flowering now, there are several kale plants giving a bright shower of yellow, the chives are starting to flower, the marigolds are flowering profusely, and several other smaller flowers are to be seen. The dandelion though, is finished for the moment and what is happening is that yesterday two little gold finches were eating from the seeds.

I also planted out the rest of the oca plants, some flowering broccoli, and a variety of leaves for salads. The garden is more wild than anything else at this moment, and yet I am picking some greenery every single day to use in cooking, so a colourful and pleasurable,  but also a useful vegetable garden, very good for wild life and for humans like ourselves too.


Above: the broad bean plants flowering.

DSCF7337  DSCF7334

Above:  Some dill or fennel, not sure.  And the Azalea plant is flowering too now.

DSCF7341   DSCF7336

Above:  Lily of the Valley, and a buttercup.


  1. Now I want to plant some broad beans. They’ve never done well here but those flowers are worth the effort. Very interesting colors and patterns.

    The plant you think might be fennel is actually not in the same family as fennel (Apiaceae, carrots, dill, parsley) but is related to chamomile and sometimes called dog fennel (genus Anthemis, Family Asteraceae- asters, sunflowers).

    We are being rained on this week (over 3 inches so far) but in between the drops I got broccoli, carrots and parsnips planted today.

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    1. Thank you very much for your helpful comment. I shall look up a bit more on the dog fennel. I have been away for the weekend and am dying to catch up again with the blogging and blog friends.


      1. You are very welcome. The dog fennel shows up here and there at my place. It might become a little weedy in the garden.

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