Gardening outside in the past few days has not been very pleasant as the temperature has gone down a lot and the wind is icy, having said that the soil temperature in the raised beds was 15 degrees Celsius today. I also measured the light, moisture and PH, all of which were good, and PH is alkaline. Today then I did some very essential repotting inside. The Turmeric plant is doing well, exciting to see it grow. The Bitter Gourds are growing beautifully, there are white ones and green, very excited about this too, and soon I will have to make sure that they can climb on something, they are going upstairs on the landing windowsill which catches full sun (S.W.), and they will not be disturbed there. Watch this space!
The Oca tubers, Oxalis Tuberosa, are growing like cabbages not sure if I can plant them out, I think that it is too cold yet, they are a South American vegetable, my first time trying. I noticed that I have to earth them up same as with potatoes. They are also known as New Zealand Yams. I am also very happy that my Ocra seedlings are up, two of them, I sowed some more today. A lot is going on, that is for sure.

Above, the Turmeric plant.


Above and below, the white and green Bitter Gourd plants.



  1. I read about oca from Klaus Leitenberger. It definitely got me curious as he had only good to say about them. I look forward to watching their progress. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you source your turmeric cutting? I would like to grow some as well. Thanks, Melissa

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    1. Thank you Melissa. It’s all very exciting trying out new plants. The Turmeric I bought in the local organic health food shop and it took me ages to get it to shoot up, in the end I put the pot on the radiator and it started off. Regards Agnes


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